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Last updated: 2015/12/08


  • Tracking Fx41
  • Nightly: August 11th, 2015
  • Aurora: September 22nd, 2015
  • Beta: November 3rd, 2015
  • Release: December 15th, 2015

Features Status

Feature QA Owner Tracking Bug Documentation/Test Plan Feature Health Nightly Feature Health Aurora Feature Health Beta
Support read/unread state in reading list UI Teodora Vermesan bug 1084062 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Redo Fennec dynamic toolbar implementation bug 1180295
Include second slide in First Run Experience (Import bookmarks) bug 1123855, bug 1073128
Include URL when sharing selected text from website Teodora Vermesan bug 1171929 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Cease posting Firefox on the T-Store we currently have no access to this, under legal radar only
Use "split pane styling" for History Panel on Tablets (landscape) Mihai Ninu bug 1142171 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [AT RISK]
Menu icon to follow Google's material design guidelines Flaviu Cos bug 1148550 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Refine appearance of tab audio indicator & enable it by default Flaviu Cos bug 1190301 Testplan [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK] [ON TRACK]
Setup A/B testing framework in release and beta no action required from us here. bug 1210088



Release Candidate


Meeting Purpose When
Crashkill Discuss urgent concerns with stability (ie. crashes) Every Monday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Product Planning Discuss concerns about feature development and/or schedule Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM Pacific
Release Coordination Raise issues of utmost importance to the Release Managers Every Tuesday & Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Development Discuss concerns with development Every Wednesday at 9:30 AM Pacific
Mobile Triage Nominate bugs to get developer attention Every Thursday at 10:00 AM Pacific
Quality Engineering Discuss concerns with the Support and Project teams Every Thursday at 1:30 PM Pacific