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Major Update Test Results: Firefox to Firefox 3.0.1 on majortest

We will track the third iteration of major updates test results in this page. We will focus on CJKT basic preferences being preserved, as well as making sure unsupported OSs are not offered major updates.

Instructions (carried over from previous iteration)

  • Download the latest Fx2.x version for which a major update is offered, see bug 394046
  • Install it and change the update channel to majortest
  • Restart the browser and select "Check for Updates" from the Help menu
  • Follow the Litmus test suite for major update Fx2-Fx3 Major Update list
  • Make sure all user data is preserved or make a note of what is not.
  • Use major-updated Fx3 and check all is well.
  • NOTE: This is for MU testing purposes only. Please do not modify any files if you are not actively testing with the Mozilla QA team. Thanks!

CJKT and l10n

Check home page, default search plugin, default search engine used when using location bar, one add-on and one bookmark or feed.

  • Windows XP (Tomcat)
    • ja - pass
    • zh-CN - pass
    • de - pass
  • Windows Vista (juanb)
    • ja - pass
    • zh-CN - pass
    • pl - pass
    • he (RTL locale) - pass
  • Mac 10.4.x (stephend)
    • ja - pass
    • zh-CN - pass
    • fi - pass
  • Linux (abillings)
    • ja - pass
    • zh-CN - pass
    • fi - pass

Unsupported OSs (Make sure MU is not presented)

Use majortest as of 8.20.2008 around 3:30pm PDT, add and modify the app.update.url.override in the browser preferences to point to aus2-staging as opposed to aus2

  • Win98 (en-US) - Pass
    • Using majorupdate and aus2-staging on a vm did not offer updates. But it is not offering updates on aus2 either.
    • Using majortest and aus2-staging, added and modified app.update.url.override, no update offered. Changing back to aus2 an update was offered. This works.
  • Mac 10.3.x - Pass
    • We needed to add the app.update.url.override pref, and set it to aus2-staging. After doing that, the major update was no longer offered for this OS.
    • 10.4.11 on a ppc machine was offered update, too, as it should.
  • Linux - GTK older than 2.10.x - Pass
    • Users with versions < GTK 2.10.x should not get updates
    • Tested with Ubuntu 6.06.1 (GTK 2.8.20) and no update was offered
    • Tested with Mint ? (GTK 2.12.9) and an update was offered
  • WinNT (optional)
    • No Updates to 3.0.1 offered ! (as expected) - PASS - Tomcat
  • Win95 (optional)
  • Notes:
    • bug 418129 - list of unsupported OSs : fixed
    • bug 451448 - AUS2 stage config changes to ignore unsupported os : Verified

Retest for Bug 457344 - Tomcat

  • Windows 98 - PASS
    • Windows 98 -> on aus2-staging i get a Update to Firefox but no Major Update to Firefox 3.x ->> PASS
      • Build ID after Update : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008082909 Firefox/
  • Windows NT
    • Windows NT -> on aus2-staging i get a Update to Firefox but no Major Update to Firefox 3.x ->> PASS
      • Build ID after Update : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; WinNT4.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008082909 Firefox/
  • Linux - GTK older than 2.10.x
    • Tested with Ubuntu 6.06.1 -> on aus2-staging i get a Update to Firefox but no Major Update to Firefox 3.x ->> PASS
      • Build ID after Update : Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008082909 Firefox/
  • Also Mac 10.5 and Windows XP get working Updates to Firefox

Detailed Results

  • Results Spreadsheet
  • Open MU Bugs
  • Bugs Found from previous iteration:
    • bug 446527 - MU not offered when some language packs are installed
    • bug 446671 - Fx3 defaults for Security Warning Settings (2nd and 5th "On") overwrite what is set in
    • bug 446696 - form data history not remembered across sessions when (some) plugin installed
    • bug 447047 - "AUS: Update XML File Malformed (200)" when updating with SSL/TLS disabled (not restricted to MU).
    • bug 446446 - 2.0 => 3.0 Major Update EULA links open within the EULA window.