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Feature Release Dev Lead QA Lead QA Status
New Tab Page Tile Grid Firefox 33 Ed Lee Cornel Ionce N/A


  • The new grid will be with a gutter around each tile will be displayed in about:newtab page. If there is not enough space for the fixed size tile and it's gutters, rows and/or columns are removed from the grid.
  • In the Tile Grid, there will be Top Sites tiles (based on user frequency), but also Sponsored or Partner tiles.


Testing Approach

  • This feature is available under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.
  • It can be found by simply navigating to about:newtab or opening a new tab.

Examples of things to watch for

  • UI Glitches - make sure there are no tile misplacement, no cut-off rows displayed etc.
  • Performance issues - there should be no lags/hangs while moving/deleting/pinning tiles
  • Duplicate tiles - there shouldn't be more than one tile displayed for the same website (eg. Google - a single tile is displayed even if several searches were made)

One and Done tasks


MozTrap tests

Related prefs

  • browser.newtabpage.rows this pref contains the number of rows displayed
    • default value is set to 3
  • browser.newtabpage.columns this pref contains the number of columns displayed
    • default value is set to 5
      • Note: The number of rows/columns from about:config may be different than the number of displayed ones. This is due to the fact that the browser will only display as many rows/columns as the display can properly fit, without displaying cut-off ones.
  • browser.newtabpage.enabled will allow the user to enable/disable the newtab page tile grid.

Related features

Newtab Page Search Field

Bug work

The most important bugs, Unconfirmed and Opened ones are listed below.

Important Bugs

  • 1055261 - Reduce new tab performance impact by only attempting to show 5 columns (from 8)
  • 1042214 - Send detailed view ping of shown tiles
  • 1040369 - Replace sponsored icon with identifying text with overlay description
  • 1042876 - Update newtab endpoints to new v1/links
  • 1045751 - Shrink tile (pin/block/gear) button sizes by a little bit positioning of undo box
  • 1026561 - The New Tab Page should be smarter about showing more tiles when on large screens
  • 1044602 - about:newtab tiles look different than anything else in the browser
  • 1045769 - Adjust new tab whitespace: whitespace sizing
  • 1046693 - Gear on new tab page blurry
  • 1048137 - Page title color is poor contrast in New Tab Page
  • 1048148 - Reduce rounded corners and glow on tiles
  • 990322 - [New Tab Page] Don't show multiple thumbnails from the same eTLD+1
  • 1010628 - Implement de-duping/merging multiple link providers for Directory Tiles
  • 975210 - Augment Site._render logic to allow for Sponsored Tiles images & text
  • 975228 - Create logic to merge frecency-pages and Tiles (Tile equiv 1000 frecency)
  • 976638 - New tab controls.png should be the same across platforms
  • 980014 - Allow new tab grid layout to reduce rows/columns if the window can't fit 3x3
  • 991210 - [new tab page] Tiles are sometimes arranged all in a single line (wrapping as appropriate, e.g. to two lines with 5 items and then 4 items), instead of 3x3 grid
  • 991542 - Odd shadowing around newtab's sponsored panel
  • 994185 - When dragging tiles on a 3x2 view, a third row of tiles shows up inexplicably
  • 974736 - Add icon to title bar of Sponsored Tiles


  • Unconfirmed bugs - bugzilla query for unconfirmed bugs that were triaged and marked as associated to the feature
  • Open bugs - a bugzilla query for new and assigned bugs associated to the feature


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