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QA Staff Meeting Notes August 3, 2011

QA Org Items

  • New Hires
    • Jason Smith - Firefox QA (Jan 2012)

  • Upcoming Events
    • item
  • PTOs
    • AaronMT (Aug 22-26th, vacation)
    • Tony (August 15, vacay)
    • Juan Aug 5 - 23
    • Billings x 2: Aug 26- Sept 9
    • Cam birthday: 10th

Discussion Items

  • Share Highlights from Unconference-style Workweeks
    • WebQA, BT, QAAuto

QA Team Updates

Desktop Firefox (Juan)

  • Fx.Next
    • Fx6b5: Possible go-to-build today. If no issues, this becomes the RC
    • uTest round of web compatibility testing starting this week, across branches: media, gaming, financial, productivity
  • Crash Investigation
  • Maintenance and Security (Al)
    • Firefox 3.6.20

Browser Technologies (Tony)

  • Issues
  • Fennec (kbrosnan)
  • Sync (james, tracy)
    • Client
    • Server
      • The reconfiguration of Test/CI and Stage environments is nearing completion.
      • Have a "train of trains" planned for this week to cover 4 important fixes/changes:
        • sync storage
        • account portal
        • node assignment
        • sreg
  • Test pilot (tracy)
    • Dropped built-in notification support (issues with how it was being used)
    • 1.1.3 pushed to AMO to fix a regression in aurora and nightly
  • Identity (james)
    • BrowserID Test Plan is finished and posted here:
    • Zandr has configured some new test environments: Prod, Dev, and Beta (for QA)
    • The first weekly train (Train 1) has been deployed to the Beta environment.
      • QA testing on Beta will continue today (Wed) and again next Mon-Wed
  • Jetpack(?)
  • Firefox Pancake (nhirata)
    • branding has changed = bug 676009 - Icon for the pancake add-on
    • Search has to be fixed
    • Even though QA was told they can hold off, going to start testing it soon.

WebQA (Stephen)

  • AMO
    • AMO 6.1.8 is going live 08/04
    • pull request queue is full - lots of code review/merges happening
  • Engagement Projects
    • Webify Me
      • uTest QA cycle started 08/03.
  • Input
    • no new updates, rbillings covering during mbrandt's work week
    • Working on merge
  • MDN
  • Socorro
    • Shipped 2.1 yesterday
  • SUMO

Community (Marcia)

  • Upcoming Testdays/BugDays/Meetups
  • Video Work
  • (Al):

QA Automation Service (Henrik, David)

  • General
    • Work week was a great success. Still working on pulling results together.
    • Meeting notes and a preliminary list of action items can be found on the wiki.
  • Mozmill
    • Code-complete for Mozmill 1.5.4. First RC coming soon
    • Preview release of Mozmill 2.0 targeted for this week

Project updates

Automated Testing for WebApps
  • We have started to investigate proposed use cases for automation
  • Have to come up with a good estimate and needed human resources given the amount of work
Team Presence (Documentation)
  • Lots of take-aways from the Automation work week
  • Needs to be further discussed and layed out before the documentation can be started
Infrastructure Investigation
  • An overview about the current situation has been identified during the work week
Selenium Grid 2
  • Still trying to solve an issue with sessions
Endurance Tests
  • No updates
Case Conductor
  • Gave Demo to uTest of current UI. Went well. Awaiting feedback.
  • Dev team is on vacation
  • Working with uTest on getting platform requests processed
  • Writing user workflows in collaboration with uTest
  • spec'ing out tasks for Litmus migration
  • working with our branding person, Sondra, on colors, icons, etc.

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items


  • Add notes here

Last Meeting

  • Matt is going to Cluj, let him know about any information you want him to impart while he is there. Keep track of the automation work week next week, a lot of takeaways from that will become action items for outsourcing.
  • Browser Technology Lightning talks are tomorrow at 2pm.
  • Update the whois page with your information:
  • Update the phonebook. Make sure you have a picture and something meaning full in the "I work on" section.
  • Vote on bags before tomorrow - Marcia would like to get the bags ordered.