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August 28, 2013

# Every Weds @ 1:30p Pacific Time - Mozilla HQ, Warp Core 
# Vidyo:
# Phone:  +1 650 903 0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 9245 (US/INTL)
#         +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 9245 (US Toll Free)
#         +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 9245 (Canada)
# IRC:    irc://

QA Org Items

   QA Show and Tell
   This week: Aaron (AppThwack)
   Next week:
   Juan - Metro overview
   New Hires & Interviews 

   Upcoming Events/Conferences 


Travel / PTO

   [jammink] TRIBES training, Toronto, Aug 28 - Sept 1
   [zac] PTO Aug14-Sept 2nd holiday w/some work
   [rbillings] PTO Sept 2-13 
   [tony] - work from seattle aug 29, 30, PTO, aug 28
   [tony] - PTO sept 5- 10 
   [nhirata] - work from seattle aug 29, 30; Sep 7 to 14 Oslo work week
   [krupa] - working from India Sep 5-17th
   [delphine] PTO from August 26-Sep 3
   [jsmith] PTO 2nd 1/2 day on August 30th
   [ashughes] PTO August 30 - Sept 2

QA Team Updates

Desktop (Juan)

   24 Beta 6 shipped yesterday
   testing bug 908134 for use of beta10 as rc1

   ESR (mwobensmith) 
   Ongoing verification of sec bugs - ESR and all branches

   Stability (marcia) 
   Report from Platform meeting -
   Interesting note about releasing the release candidate to the beta audience to try to catch crashes such as the AMD one that affect FF 23

   Automation (ashughes)
    Beta/Release en-US, de, fr, and it candidates now get run "automagically" via pulse
   Security (mwobensmith)
   CSP, avalanche of sec bugs
   IPv6 SSL exception handling


Mobile (Tony)

   Firefox for Android (Kevin/Aaron) 
   24 Beta 6 shipped last night
   Continuing to focus on new about:home and WebRTC network testing
   Nightly updates disabled -
   Product announcements disabled -
   Stability (kbrosnan) 
   see Crashkill notes
   B2G (Geo/jhammink) 
   Tony at NFC Workweek this week.  1.2 is only defining the NFC API, but no UX work.   Test coverage will include developing a webapp that tests the apis (walter)
   Tony/Naoki in seattle on thurs, fri to meet up with qanalysts
   Geo unexpectedly local, but attending Performance workweek remotely so limited availability
   1.2 Testing device continues to be the Buri phone, with only JB features covered on Nexus 4 (ie. NFC)
   Stability (nhirata)
   see Crashkill notes
   Inari: need symbols and revs for ebay builds
   duplicate report investigation
   Buri flashing ?  Is it fixed or not?
   Nexus 4 : figuring out how to flash
   Flashing on Helix successful building from scratch; from releng build not so much.
   [jsmith] 1.2 Media Recording API & Web Notifications API testing underway with planning, automation, and exploratory testing
   Browser Testing:
   search engine : custom bookmarks/engine implemented
   database needed to be changed some
   fix for blank search engines should be fixed now with today's respin on unagi
   Smoketest [marcia]
   Some regressions this week on 1.2 including camera
   Still being bit by gralloc crashes and GFX issues during testing
   Cannot update on unagi at the moment on 1.1 so builds are not being promoted. 
   1.1 smoketests will continue on Leo for the foreseeable future
    Platform [geo]
   [mwargers] bug  907995  - b2g.json cleanup and  reorder, part 2,  patch   ready for  review. This removes the xbl/xul test files from the   exclude  list,  because workaround to get XBL/XUL working is fixed.
   [mwargers] Bug 909012 - Add 'remove' option to pushPermissions, patch ready for review
   [geo+dclarke] Draft geolocation and fm radio tests added to compat. test suite. Device Storage being finalized, currently in a tech debt round to check for and remove closure leaks, clean up global namespace.
   Community Members Onboarding

Services (Edwin)

   jrgm - shipping train-2013.08.15 tomorrow (just completing testing today).
   kthiessen will be shipping a new version of Mozilla IdP which will eliminate the need to re-enter the password every 24 hours (which I'm sure folks will appreciate).

    Authentication API work is starting to stabilize finally. 
    Development work continues on a browser-based desktop auth flow. 
    Development work continues on a more-native Android auth flow. 
    QA tracking and test planning continues 
    API Test Suite and Loads testing work is in progress... 
   pdehaan continuing to test the WordPress Persona plugin and B2G persona testing.

Web (Stephen)

   Creative unicorn(s) is generating a redesign/new features proposal, targeting Summit 2013. Tracker bug to follow soon ..

   B2G/Gaia testing: 
    Lots of failures in the camera app
   Modal-dialog handling should soon be returning to us: - Implement B2G Modal dialog handling to Marionette
   Troubleshooting cell/data issues with at least one Unagi,which results in sporadic failures:
   31 xfails on master:

   Small release - robots.txt file added -

   Engagement Projects 
   Flicks released the "end voting" features, but it won't be visible until 9/1
   Newsletter is releasing with

   Firefox Health Report
   No updates
   Firefox Marketplace  shipped on 08/27 
    pushed weekly release

   [tracker] 2013 Summit Improvements -

    on continuous deployment; automation is still testing and finding template bugs

   Prod/Stage tests failing -
    [Blocker] B2G Product is not shown -
   Other important bugs to track
   B2G graph and reports are not useful -
   [dev][stage] Top crasher report for B2G 24.0a1 returns a 404 -
   Milestone 57 slated to release today (after bug 910372 is resolved)
   bugs in this release - and
   Team is currently reviewing notes and creating todo's from the Stability workweek -

    automation continues to find bugs: - [browserid] Going to a @login_required view sends user to non-Persona login page

   Community Members Onboarding
    roarange is looking to update AMO's requirements.txt:

Community (Marcia)

   [Open Badges] Vote for your favorite General QA Participation Badge. 
   Community contributed designs are showcased at
   Also crossposted on the Creative team's blog.
   Mozilla Reps have also been invited to vote. Please invite your community contributors also. 
   83 votes in first 24 hours. Voting closes Sep 15, 2013 at 5 PM PST.

   Upcoming Events 
   Mozilla Summit - October 4 - 6 - Santa Clara/Brussels/Toronto
   Travel needs to be booked no later than August 31
   Registration will close on August 31st (anyone not registered by this date, may not be able to join us.)
   Word has it that the schedule has been "locked" has all the information and a FAQ
   Still recruiting Site Hosts for all 3 Summit Location - please let marcia know if you are interested. In some cases you may be a "backup" if someone else bows out or gets the Moz flu
   If for some reason you are unable to attend (visa issues, etc), please email the Summit mailing list and let them know -

   Testdays (ashughes)
   Thursday, August 29: Firefox Beta
   Friday, August 30: Firefox Metro

   Video Work
   No update  this week (Raymond)
    no update

   Community Members Onboarding

Automation Development (Henrik, Dave)

   [henrik] Automation Development report - week 34 2013:

   [henrik] Mozmill 1.5.22 and 2.0rc5 released:
   Mozmill CI
   [henrik] We can now execute l10n builds for beta and release candidate builds:!topic/
   [henrik] We have enabled Ubuntu 13.04 nodes for mozmill-ci.
   [henrik] Ubuntu 12.10 (32/64) VMs have been removed from mozmill-ci production
   [henrik]  Our staging mozmill-ci  instance has been upgraded to the lastest  Jenkins LTS version. If no  issues can be seen we will upgrade production  by end of the week
   [dave/rob] Landed endurance tests in gaia repo (v1-train)
   [dave] performance tests detected two recent regressions

   MozTrap (Cameron)

   Community Members Onboarding 

Roundtable/Discussion Items

   B2G : [nhirata] Flatfish? Do we need to start worrying about it yet? bug 903304
   [jsmith] Cross-team QA view and actions we should take on WebRTC audio latency (desktop + mobile)
   For information only: Mt. View Move meeting tomorrow with Lisa Gray and the architect - this is primarily concerned with our Lab Space in the new building

Notes, Takeaways and Action Items

   Action Items
   Last Meeting 
   Action Items