ReleaseEngineering/CIDuty/Training - Relevant CIDuty Bugs

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Prepare for move of releng macs to mdc2

Move nagios CI checks out of scl3

Clean up of scl3 from securitygroups

Adjust Buildbot, TaskCluster and TreeHerder configs in order to run jobs via Buildbot Bridge

Deploy a new Mercurial version to automation

Move several HW machines from one pool to another

Enable/disable Nagios alerts for various machines

Decommissioning a HW machine

Upload a new rpm into a custom yum repo

Fix BuildAPI issues

Enable/disable certain tests in Buildbot

Create new Nagios checks for various purposes

Reduce the number of buildbot masters

Update TryChooser to account for the chunk count changes

monitor age of /builds/l10n-bumper/bumper.lock

Decommission bld-lion

Decommission buildbot machines