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Build 1


  • bouncer submitter failed, the relbranch doesn't have a full copy of the relbranch. Dumped a copy from build/mozharness at FIREFOX_39_0_RELEASE there
  • compilation failure for all xulrunner and firefox builds in docshell (from bug 1178058), respin for this

Build 2


  • win32 en-US failed out with StreamError: seeking backwards is not allowed when unpacking the mozharness archive, due nthomas adding a symlink .gitignore --> .hgignore when putting mozharness on the relbranch. catlee worked around by skipping symlinks when extracting on windows
  • Two windows repack chunks failed with a slave disconnect - they were automatically retried

Ship in Balrog

Couldn't use Buildbot builder because the next 40.0 build had already started.

  • Manually updated the balrog rule with channel set to "release" to point at the "Firefox-39.0.3-build2" mapping.
    • done (hwine)

Post-release tasks

Couldn't use Buildbot builder because 40.0 had already started.

find /pub/ -name index.html -exec rm -v {} \;
cd /pub/ && rm -f latest && ln -s 39.0.3 latest
cp -f "/pub/ 39.0.3.dmg" /mnt/netapp/stage/
cp -f "/pub/ Setup 39.0.3.exe" "/mnt/netapp/stage/ Setup.exe"
find /mnt/netapp/stage/ -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
find /mnt/netapp/stage/ -name \"*.exe\" -exec chmod 775 {} \;
find /mnt/netapp/stage/ -name \"*.dmg\" -exec chmod 775 {} \;

On bounceradmin,

  • updated the alias firefox-stub to Firefox-39.0.3-stub
  • updated the alias firefox-latest to Firefox-39.0.3