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  • Security ratings - we need to do this more Upcoming features:

Current/upcoming Reviews

Goal Status Updates

1. FirefoxOS related security reviews (owner: pauljt)

  • Gecko: 17 bugs remaining:

  • Gaia: 9 (some were not in the list) bug remaining:

2. Document Firefox OS Security (owner: dchan)

Status: ? Overview complete Runtime Security - needs to be reviewed, seems a bit out of date - need to move app security stuff into /Application_security - need to move update stuff into its own page I think Application Security - needs a few sections complete - needs a review Draft Plan: [pt] Started the app security page :

3. Develop and land tests for security features (owner: dchan)

after documentation

4.Engage communities & third-parties for Firefox OS security review and testing (owner: pauljt)

Draft Plan:

   Preliminary list of Tasks finished, lots of open questions still
   freddyb: question about sec-testing docs

5. Drive OS-layer security improvement (owner: kang)

- :cjones gone, need new buddy to get runtime security stuff merged in ;-) - pushing for ASLR => :glandium - Ilhan wants to make a video presentation about TrustZones (next week or so)

6. Secure app developer/reviewer guidelines/tools (owner: rforbes)

Other Items

App signing: Security Testing Blog Post