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HitB KL Sponsorship Proposal

Mozilla is proposing to continue our relationship with the Hack in the Box (HitB) organisation by supporting their upcoming security conference “HITB KL". We plan to run a community staffed booth to promote Mozilla projects to attendees. Funding permitting, we also plan to support the HackWeekDay developer competition - a competition which encourages local developers to get involved with web app development. The key reason to sponsor this event is the goodwill gained from supporting a globally respected independent security conference, and also to leverage the strong local community who basically run Mozilla’s presence at this event with very little effort required from Mozilla side.

At a glance

  • Conference name: HitBSecConf KL
  • Detail: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Date: Oct 16th - 18th 2014
  • Attendees: ~300 developers/security (including ~10 mozilla community volunteers)
  • Website:
  • More information: bug 1056221

What are we proposing to do?

  • Run a Mozilla booth (run by staff and community) at the associated HITBSecConf
  • Promote the event and its outcomes via the Mozilla Security Blog

What are the expected outcomes?

  • Further Mozilla goals (see “Alignment with Mozilla Goals” below)
  • Positive press from supporting respected HitB community which shares Mozilla’s goals
  • Gain mindshare with south-east asian developers & IT security experts
  • Identify potential collaborators & future hires
  • Support very active regional Mozilla community (Mozilla Malaysia basically runs this whole event usually, security team just attends as subject matter experts)

Alignment with Mozilla Goals

  • Mozilla 2014 Top Level Goals
    • Enable Communities that have impact
    • Leverage local community to run demonstrations of Mozilla projects to attendees
    • Grow Webmaker
    • Promote Web Maker through community demonstrations at the booth
    • Marketplace Goals
    • Webapps Rule
    • Create content which gets developers on the road to submitting apps to marketplace
  • Security Team Goals
    • Empower community to help secure Firefox OS
    • Promote application security model and review tools to security enthusiasts and professionals