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 Feature versionStatus noteFeature healthFeature engineering statusFeature ux statusFeature accessibility statusFeature localization status
DevTools/Features/ConsoleObjectCompletion/Test PlanFirefox 10OK
QA/Waverley/Developer-Tools/CodeEditor/TestPlanFirefox 10OK
Fennec/Features/readabilityFirefox 11At risk````
DevTools/Features/CSSEditorFirefox 11OK````
Firefox/Features/Chrome migrationFirefox 11OK````
Services/Sync/Push to deviceFirefox 11OKBlocked on UX implementation```
Services/Sync/Features/Addon SyncFirefox 11OK````
DevTools/Features/PageInspectorTiltFirefox 11OK````
Features/Platform/Page Load and Crash ProbesFirefox 11OK````
Reading ModeFirefox 11OK````
QA/Waverley/Developer-Tools/StyleEditor/TestPlanFirefox 11OK
Firefox/Features/Generic Thumbnail ServiceFirefox 12OK````
Firefox/Features/Media Controls RefreshFirefox 12OK````
DevTools/Features/ConsoleQueuedMessagesFirefox 12OK````
Silent Update OS DialogsFirefox 12OK````
Security/Reviews/BackGroundUpdatesFirefox 12
Security/Reviews/bug588270Firefox 12
Security/Reviews/MetricsDataPingFirefox 12
DevTools/Features/ConsoleQueuedMessages/Test PlanFirefox 12OK
Support/Firefox Features/Clean up user profileFirefox 13OKStartup crash detection landed in 12. Migrator with stub import landed (no add-ons). Safe mode dialog UI landed in 15.```