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1__TOC__ == Purpose == [[File:Mozilla-wiki-logo-rev.png|frameless|right]] The purpose of the MozillaWiki team is to facilitate maintenance and improvement of MozillaWiki. The MozillaWiki team (formerly Wiki Working Group) was formed in early 2014 with the goal of kick- Juba Baghdadstarting a revitalization of the wiki and to create a sustainable framework for empowering the entire Mozilla community to participate in and sustain this effort. We have achieved the first part of this goal (revitalization) and are now working towards incremental feature improvements and creating a framework whereby the entire Mozilla Community can participate in maintaining and improving the wiki. == Goals == Our main goal is to build tools and establish processes that empower Mozillians across functional, product, and regional areas to contribute to collective stewardship of the wiki. Our 2015 goals include: * implement feature improvements according to our [[MozillaWiki:Roadmap|roadmap]]* document MozillaWiki [[MozillaWiki:Policies|policies, procedures and processes]]* recruit an active group of page patrollers == How to Participate == === Meetings === 2Bi-Satarweekly MozillaTeam meetings are currently on-IQhold.  If you want to be involved in the MozillaWiki team, please contact [[User:CaptainCalliope]] or join one of our communication channels. === Meeting Notes === {{#subpages:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Meetings|sort=desc}} <createbox>align=lefttype=createbuttonlabel=Create new agenda3preload=Template:Agenda/Mozilla_Wiki/preloaddefault={{#time: Y-Ghostm-IQd | tuesday}}4prefix=MozillaWiki:Team/Meetings/</createbox> {{#ask:[[Category:Meeting Notes]] [[MozillaWiki:+]]| sort=modification date| order=descending| format=feed| type=rss| searchlabel=Mozilla Wiki meeting notes RSS| title=Mozilla Wiki meeting notes| page=full| description=Feed of all notes of Mozilla Wiki team and community calls.}} === Communication Channels === ==== IRC ==== The IRC channel for MozillaWiki team is {{IRC|wiki}} ([ webchat]). ==== Discussion Forum ==== * []* [ subscription page] ([ subscribe via email])* [ google groups page]* [ archives]* [news:// newsgroup] == Release Processes == We release changes to MozillaWiki weekly on Thursdays. We track release planning on [[MozillaWiki:Releases]] subpages. Once the release is complete, post an announcement explaining the changes to [[MozillaWiki:News]]. All feature and change requests are tracked in Bugzilla, under Websites >  The process for a feature or change request to be implemented in production is as follows: # [ File a bug].# Members of MozillaTeam will triage the bug accordingly, modifying whiteboard, milestone and other fields accordingly.# The request will be evaluated for suitability on MozillaWiki during a MozillaWiki community call ([[#How_to_Participate|held twice monthly]]). Decisions during community calls are generally made by [ lazy consensus], with MozillaWiki module owners and/or peers making the final call if necessary.# If MozillaWiki team determines the change should be implemented, it will be rolled out to our development instance first. While it implemented on dev, it will undergo testing and security review (if required). # Once the change has been tested and passed security review (if required), it will be pushed out to stage and finally production. === Requesting features and changes === To request a change or feature, please [ file a bug.]
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