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Thanks for your interest in contributing to Mozilla!
Here we’ve compiled == Quick Start: ==  '''To make a directory technical contribution''': * Find your first code contribution to Mozilla -> []* Contribute to the open community of ways you can developers MDN -> []* Contribute your design to an open design community -> [] '''To make a non-technical contribution''':* Localize Mozilla into your language -> [] * Help support users from the comfort of your couch by answering questions and/or writing and translating support articles -> [ -involved] To find non-technical campaigns and contribute to Mozilla activities you can participate in: [] == Specialist Programs: == ''Participation in these programs requires some sort of prior experience and some featured projects an application process.'' Available by application: * [[TechSpeakers|Tech Speakers]] - for contributors who are already speaking regularly to get you startedtechnical audiences.* [ Reps program] - For contributors who are already regularly organizing community events and organizing in their communities.  
==Contribution areas==
Not exactly what you’re looking for?Here we’ve compiled a directory of ways you can get involved and contribute to Mozilla and some featured projects to get you started:
Here is a list of projects in Mozilla organized by contribution area, note that Mozilla changes rapidly and some of this information may be out of date. Click the contribution topics to reveal the teams and projects below:
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