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|description=Navigator UI and parts of the suite that are mainly used by the browser (some may be shared with Mail or Composer to a certain extent though)
|owner=[mailto: Neil Rashbrook]|peers=[mailto: Ian Neal], [ Karsten Düsterloh]|components=SeaMonkey::General
|name=Browsing ToolsBookmarks & History|description=UI for tools that help with browser functionality (Bookmarksincludes adding, Historydeleting, location barediting bookmarks, page infoproblems with Bookmarks Manager, view sourceBookmarks toolbar and menu, autocomplete etc.)History window and "Go" menu|owner=[mailto: Neil Rashbrook]|peers=[ Ian Neal], [ Karsten Düsterloh]|components=SeaMonkey::Bookmarks & History, SeaMonkey::Location Bar, SeaMonkey::Page Info, SeaMonkey::Autocomplete
|name=Download & File Handling
|description=Download Manager, helper apps, open/save files
|owner=[ Christian Neil Rashbrook]|peers=[ Ian Neal], [ Karsten Düsterloh]
|components=SeaMonkey::Download & File Handling
|name=PrivacyPage Info|description=Download Manager, helper apps, open/save files|owner=[mailto:db48x db48x]|peers=[ Ian Neal], [ Karsten Düsterloh], [ Neil Rashbrook]|components=SeaMonkey::Download & File Handling}} {{Module|name=Passwords & Permissions
|description=UI for Passwords, PopUp/Image blocking, Cookies; Wallet (Backend code for most of those is shared)
|owner=[ Ian Neal], [ Robert Kaiser (Data Manager)]|peers=[ Dan Veditz(backend integration)], [ Karsten Düsterloh], [ Neil Rashbrook]
|components=SeaMonkey::Passwords & Permissions
|name=Sidebar Search & SearchSidbar|description=Web search features, Sidebar (incl. internal panels), web search features
|owner=[ Karsten Düsterloh]
|peers=[ Ian Neal], [ Neil Rashbrook]|components=SeaMonkey::Search, SeaMonkey::Sidebar}} {{Module|name=Tabbed Browser|description=browser tab features and the tabbed browser widget|owner=[ Misak]|peers=[ Ian Neal], [ Karsten Düsterloh], [ Neil Rashbrook], [ Philip "Ratty" Chee]|components=SeaMonkey::Search, SeaMonkey::Sidebar

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