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Project Organization
|name=Project Management
|description=Someone needs to drive those things and feel responsible for getting SeaMonkey Council decisions
|owner=[ Justin "Callek" Wood](:callek)
|components=SeaMonkey::Project Organization
|name=Release Management
|description=Get releases out the door, write up release notes
|owner=[ Justin "Callek" Wood](:callek)|peers=[ Robert Kaiser](:kairo), [ Jens "Hatlak] (:InvisibleSmiley" Hatlak ) (release notes)], [ Edmund "Wong] (:ewong" Wong ) (build)]
|components=SeaMonkey::Release Engineering
|name=MoFo liaison
|description=Keep an open line with MoFo folks and take care of stuff we need of them or they need of us
|owner=[ Robert Kaiser](:kairo)|peers=[ Justin "Callek" Wood](:callek)
|description=Testing, bug triaging, smoketests, bug triaging, testing...
|peers=[ Serge Gautherie](:sgautherie), [ Philip "Ratty" Chee](Ratty), [ Tony "tonymec" Mechelynck](:tonymec), [ Justin "Callek" Wood](:callek)
|name=Community, User Relations, Support
|owner=[ Philip "Ratty" Chee](Ratty)
|name=Web pages
|owner=[ Jens "InvisibleSmiley" Hatlak](:InvisibleSmiley)|peers=[ Justin "Callek" Wood](:callek), [ Robert Kaiser](:kairo)
|name=Marketing/Press/PR/Shop, spokesman
|owner=[ Justin "Callek" Wood](:callek)|peers=[ Jens "InvisibleSmiley" Hatlak](:InvisibleSmiley), [ Robert Kaiser](:kairo), [ Jeff Lee ] (shop)]

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