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A list of all pages that have property "Feature implementation notes" with value "[ Link to Bugzilla]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • Features/Thunderbird/BigFiles  + (The bug # for this feature is [ bug 698925] Work is being done on [ this feature branch].)
  • Features/Add Sync to Home Tab  + (The bug for this work is [ 544819])
  • Firefox/Features/PFS2 datasource  + (The change to Firefox itself is relatively
    The change to Firefox itself is relatively minor, and involves changing a single preference. The larger issues are on the back-end, where additional work may be required to ensure the service can meet demand, and stay responsive (see bugs [ bug 573775], [ bug 564803], and [ bug 564807], which outline some potential issues). Next steps require an assessment from WebDev on current state of PFS2, and what changes and/or development is required to bring it on-line. The [[PFS#Testing_PFS|PFS Test Plan]] will need to be updated to identify test cases/scenarios. * [ bug 573834] - Change PFS backend to use PFS2 * [ bug 573775] - Load test PFS2 API for Firefox 4 integration * [ bug 564803] - Directory needs better caching with per-plugin invalidation * [ bug 564807] - Optimize the directory's gnarly slow DB queries
    ize the directory's gnarly slow DB queries)
  • Services/Sync/Push to device  + (The clients engine will support a new comm
    The clients engine will support a new command, "displayTab." This command takes as payload a URI and an optional record identifier. The record identifier, if defined, points to a remote record stored in the "sendtab" collection on the server. The record identifier is, like other record IDs, randomly generated for security purposes. The payload is encrypted, just like other Sync records. The remote record contains metadata to restore tab state on the receiving machine. This metadata includes: * session cookies * form data * page position Eventually, this metadata will include more of what's available inside the nsISessionStore.getTabState() object, including: * Tab history * Custom styles When a client receives a *displayTab* command, it fetches the metadata record, if present. It generates an observable event containing all the data. An observer in the chrome thread handles this and reconstructs the tab on the receiving device.
    onstructs the tab on the receiving device.)
  • Features/Jetpack/Add-on SDK as an Addon  + (The current plan includes a good deal of i
    The current plan includes a good deal of investigative work. We need to make sure that the needs of the Builder (time consuming processes) cannot be solved in other ways that might reduce their priority on this work. We also need to investigate what it would take to achieve parity with what we currently ship. This work brings along the possibility of having to maintain two different code paths which we do not want to do. It may be possible to take a small portion of the work, in the form of providing the functionality of ''cfx run'' and integrate that with the Builder. This also presents dual code path maintenance but is far less of a worry than trying to replicate more of the platform.
    trying to replicate more of the platform.)
  • Privacy/Features/DOMCryptAPI  + (The implementation may re-use the extensio
    The implementation may re-use the extension code after it is refactored to use ArrayBufferViews and the internal secure key store, with a final implementation that completely replaces the original extension code. The reason for this is that it has been incredibly useful and instructive to have a working implementation to demo the capabilities to web developers and privacy people. The original extension code will be replaced entirely. The extension code uses js-ctypes witch can cause some erratic NSS behavior.
    witch can cause some erratic NSS behavior.)
  • Platform/Features/NPAPIAsyncDrawing  + (The specification was designed by Bas Scho
    The specification was designed by Bas Schouten and Josh Aas, with input from Robert O'Callahan. The Windows implementation is being done by Bas Schouten. * [ bug 651192] Implement new AsyncDrawing model for plugins ==== Next Steps ==== * Complete the implementation of the specification. * Get a build of Flash that implements this specification. * Get the specification ratified by the plugin-futures group.
    tion ratified by the plugin-futures group.)
  • Firefox/Features/InstallerUIRewrite  + (These are the bugs we are using the track
    These are the bugs we are using the track this work... * [ bug 651965] - Installer user interface rewrite * [ bug 322206] - Firefox net / stub installer (depends on [ bug 651965]) * [ bug 628869] - [Win] update installer elements to read Mozilla Firefox (depends on [ bug 651965]) bug 651965]))
  • Privacy/Features/Pref to limit number of fonts loaded per tab  + (This is tagged with bug 732096
  • Privacy/Features/Per-Site Third-Party Cookie Setting  + (This probably involves adding a constant t
    This probably involves adding a constant to nsICookiePermission.idl to state whether or not third party cookies are allowed for the specified origin. Probably also involves tweaking nsCookieService.cpp to check for both the global and origin-specific third party cookie permissions (see line 3122 of that file). Relevant: [ bug 564877] - allow cookies but do not transmit in third-party context. We could probably improve upon this to block setting in third-party context too (not deleting them, but just not modifying or reading from the origin's cookie jar in a third party context). === Cookie behavior === ==== The 3rd party per-site rules should be checked for and applied as an override to any global settings ==== * 3rd Party Cookie Global DENY & 3rd party cookie ALLOW ** A page at gets/sets 3rd party cookie: DENY ** A page at gets/sets 3rd party cookie: ALLOW * 3rd Party Cookie Global ALLOW & 3rd party cookie DENY ** A page at gets/sets 3rd party cookie: DENY ** A page at gets/sets 3rd party cookie: ALLOW gets/sets 3rd party cookie: ALLOW)
  • Features/Thunderbird/Instant messaging in Thunderbird  + (Tracked in
  • Security/DNSSEC-TLS  + (Tracking bug: [ 672239])
  • Features/Fennec/Android Snippets  + (Underway.)
  • Security/Features/SSL Error Reporting  + (Use Bagheera client. There is Bagheera client support for both desktop (as of Fx21) and Android (Fx23/24), so we should be able to generate a JSON payload and submit it for later analysis.)
  • Firefox/Features/about-crashes  + (Vaguely related bug: Related project: Related project:
  • Features/Firefox/PluginCrashComments  + (We are currently tracking this feature in [ Bug 648675].)
  • Features/Jetpack/Out-of-Process Addons  + (While this work will provide some necessary functionality to the SDK support for mobile work, we have determined that it is not a blocker to getting mobile support working in a minimal functional way.)
  • Features/Desktop/TelemetryOptIn  + (Working with privacy and legal to enable Telemetry by default on Nightly and Aurora channels. This will eliminate the need to have a dialog on those channels. Details in [ bug 699806].)
  • DevTools/Features/ViewSource  + ([ View Source Status] Other notable bugs: * [ bug 246620] add line numbers to view source)
  • Firefox/Features/Plugin keyboard focus  + ([ bug 491141], [ bug 637253] — is there any way we could do what's described in [ bug 692973])
  • Features/Desktop/Panel Menu  + ([ bug 770135] - Prototype/explore new Panel UI, and interactions with addons)
  • Platform/Features/Camera API - Phase 2 (getUserMedia)  + ([ Bug 738528] shows how the getUserMedia spec was implemented.)
  • Platform/Features/Vertical text  + ([
    [ Main bugzilla entry] * Need to investigate how to pref CSS keyword parsing (and all writing-mode processing) on and off. (This is relatively straightforward, now that [ bug 753522] is implemented. Just specify the pref in the property's chunk of nsCSSPropList.h, and use Preferences::GetBool() elsewhere if necessary.) * Possibly want to be able to #ifdef it as well? Or just back out the changes after each uplift so we don't pay the perf cost until it's ready? [There shouldn't be any perf cost.] * Multi-column vertical layout * Form controls * Tables * (Probably lots of other HTML elements that require special handling? e.g. list markers. Presumably images don't rotate (i.e. width/height are physical) but form controls do?) * Pagination * Implement min/max/fit-content, fill-available
    e>min/max/fit-content</code>, <code>fill-available</code>)
  • Improve find-in-page  + ([ bug 565552]. ==== Related ==== * Navigation and tab switching should always hide the find bar [ bug 628179])
  • Features/Desktop/Ability to run concurrent channels  + ([ bug 895030] for Nightly)
  • CSS3 3D Transforms  + ([ Link to Bugzilla])