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A list of all pages that have property "Learning Resource Description" with value "Mozilla Community forums rebooted, with email and social features.". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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    • Learning Resources/Mozilla Hacks  + (Mozilla Hacks is one of the key resources for people developing for the Open Web, talking about news and in-depth descriptions of technologies and features.)
    • Learning Resources/Mozmill Automated Testing Tutorial  + (Mozmill is an automated testing framework. If you have run any Moztrap tests you were doing those manually. This is a way to have the computer do many of those tests automatically for you.)
    • Learning Resources/One and Done  + (One and Done gives users a wide variety of
      One and Done gives users a wide variety of ways to contribute to Mozilla. You can pick an easy task that only takes a few minutes - or take on a bigger challenge. This includes working on manual testing, automation, bug verification, mobile testing and more. Tasks are from all QA teams - so you can get involved with Automation, Firefox OS, Desktop Firefox, Mozilla websites, Services, or Thunderbird.
      ozilla websites, Services, or Thunderbird.)
    • Learning Resources/CodingBat  + (Online practice for Java and Python. Uses unit tests and short exercises to give programmers experience writing functions.)
    • Learning Resources/Webdev New Contributor Guide  + (Our goal here is to get you up and running
      Our goal here is to get you up and running for contributing as a web developer. This guide attempts to be generic enough to be useful to any webdev project, but some details (especially around software you need installed) may vary among projects. Any project you’re contributing to should have documentation that explains these details in, uh, detail.
      hat explains these details in, uh, detail.)
    • Learning Resources/Webmaker Resources  + (Resources to Discover, Make and Teach relating to web literacy.)
    • Learning Resources/Rosetta Stone  + (Rosetta Stone is language learning software.)
    • Learning Resources/Safari Books  + (Safari Books Online is a digital library that includes books on a wide rage of technical and professional development needs, video content, short form content and evolving manuscripts.)
    • Learning Resources/Capture Mozilla  + (The Capture Mozilla Project promotes and amplifies the use of video to capture and share knowledge (from know-how to cultural) across the Mozilla community.)
    • Learning Resources/Mozilla Reps (ReMo)  + (The Mozilla Reps program provides a simple
      The Mozilla Reps program provides a simple framework and specific tools to help volunteer Mozillians become official representatives of Mozilla in their region. The program helps push responsibility and authority further outwards, to more Mozillians, making it much easier for volunteers to organize and/or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, and better support their local communities.
      nd better support their local communities.)
    • Learning Resources/Mozilla Webdev Bootcamp  + (The Mozilla Webdev Bootcamp, an informal guide to how web development is done at Mozilla.)
    • Learning Resources/Firefox Add-On Testing  + (These resources1 are helpful to get you started coding add-ons. Included are other add-on-related contribution opportunities for technical contributors.)
    • Learning Resources/Developer Evangelism Handbook  + (This handbook will get you on the way to b
      This handbook will get you on the way to be a great developer evangelist for any product or company. Of course your approach needs tweaking for different markets and audiences - and in accordance with your own personality - but the main principles are the same for everybody and anywhere in the world.
      e for everybody and anywhere in the world.)
    • Learning Resources/Contributing to the Mozilla codebase  + (This page should guide you through the first steps of contributing to Mozilla. Welcome, we're delighted to see you! :))
    • Learning Resources/Code Firefox  + (This site first aims to focus on Desktop Firefox videos from the ground up.)
    • Learning Resources/BMO User Guide  + (User guide for BMO (, Mozilla's Bugzilla instance).)
    • Learning Resources/Contribute to FireFox OS  + (Wiki for contributing to FFOS. Best place to send new contributors interested in contributing to FFOS.)
    • Learning Resources/Understanding Mozilla: Bugzilla  + (a November 2014 Popcorn update of Bugzilla for Humans, by Gervase Markham)
    • Learning Resources/how to moztrap  + (a tutorial for finding and running MozTrap QA tests for the Firefox web browser)