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Mozilla Team Innovative

Who are we?

Made up of a current team of Student Ambassadors, Team Innovative goal is to discover and implement innovative ideas make ideas to promote Mozilla (and our products) on your school’s campus.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to get and share innovative ideas from Ambassadors around the world. This is an activity for those who think out of the box and want to come up with ideas that help spread the word about Mozilla’s mission and products. All ideas are welcome and we are looking forward for something Big and Innovative. Please check out our mission video for more information!

Link :

Why are we doing this?

Innovation! It is needed everywhere for the advancement of any organization. As the saying goes, “An idea can change the world.” As Team Innovative, we strive to help build your ideas into reality. There are innovators in each of us, viewing the world through different lenses. So let us bring together these people and work with them to build a better future for Mozilla and the Web.

Our Objective

    • Advancement of Mozilla’s products and/or mission on your campus.
    • Enrichment of our position in the global market.
    • Growth of the Firefox Student Ambassador program
    • Creating a platform for Ambassadors to exchange and build upon one another’s ideas.

How it works?

People submit their ideas on the Google form link provided below. Every three months Team Innovative will give all FSAs the opportunity to rate the top ideas. The program leadership will then work with the creators of the top 3 ideas chosen to make a plan for bringing their ideas to life!


Examples for good ideas:

    • Can take place on any platform
    • Can be on technical side or Non-technical
    • Can be concentrated on furthering any Mozilla effort, be it Community Building or OS development, or promoting our products on your school’s campus etc

Who can participate?

Only registered Firefox Student Ambassadors can participate.

How to participate in our contest?

Come up with what you think is a unique idea and include it on the Google form. Here is your chance to see your idea come to reality!

Want to know more?Contact us: