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2008 Summit Proposal

Session Title

Promoting the Mozilla Mission through Fx and Platform -- 2 Year Goals

Session Leaders

Mitchell Baker


Background Materials


I'd like to leave the Summit with a working set of 2 year goals. If we've had a lot of public input and discussion we've had before the Summit then we could leave with a set that was final or close to final.

If we haven't had quite so much public discussion before the Summit then I'd like to leave with a set of goals that we can use as the basis for a broad community discussion, planning to finalize them by the end of the summer.

It's a bit difficult to focus on something as broad as these goals while we're in the final phases of the Firefox 3 launch. Although a number of engineers are basically done with Fx 3, many people are running at maximum speed right now.

I'll make a proposal as a starting point for these goals once Firefox 3 is officially out.

To get to this working set of goals we may have several sessions. I'm contemplating a group session to go over either my proposal or other materials and develop a common framework for thought. We may follow that with break-out sessions to be sure everyone has a chance to get involved. And I'd like to have some way, maybe a group discussion, of saying "yes, this is our working set of goals."