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Inital version of the private messaging feature of Kitsune


We need to distinguish between subscriptions and private messages. That means we need a subscription center and a messaging center.

Private messages

messages can be sent by:

  • Users

Places they can be sent from:

  • Messaging center
  • Quick private message dialog from wherever the username is listed.

Messages are stored in the messaging center. Like with email you have

  • New: Write message
  • inbox: messages you have received
  • outbox: messages that you have sent but that are not read yet
  • sent: messages that are sent and opened.

A simplified version of the phpBB messaging center:


The outgoing and sent folder look the same except for the list of messages: Pm-outbox.png

A simple compose form: Pm-compose.png

Private message compose in the forums: Pm-from-forum.png

Subscription center: Pm-subcriptions.png


subscriptions come from:

  • Groups
  • Articles
  • Forums
  • Threads

The subscription center holds all your subscriptions. This is the place where you unsubscribe, it's not the place to subscribe to things. It doesn't hold any messages, since those were sent to you by mail

Open questions:

tracked at: