Support/Weekly Meetings/Agenda 2018-08-15

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Cool News Of The Week (tm):

  • Nilima had an event this weekend, look out for tweets of stickers and swag, thank you!


<add update here if there is one>

Contributor(s) of the week:

  1. <please put name and description for nomination>

Knowledge Base / L10n

  • Please check out the updates and articles coming for the Firefox 62 release on September 5, 2018

Support Forum:

  • Please welcome: Opnieuwwiew (Yellothelephonecard07)! (Reminder if you see new users please add them to the weekly meeting or PM a welcomer or an admin!)
  • Polite reminder, please stay on topic in the forums. We are looking into an experiment to help give another channel for feedback between new contributors and experienced contributors if Private Messaging gets turned off.
  • Thank you kindly for your feedback on the mockups and the different guideline changes, the new CPGs this year have poked at a multitude of parts of the community, and I want to thank you for the help and participation in those conversations.
  • Thank you for catching spam and blog spam posts this week, there has been a relative increase in these reports and I want to say thank you to the Moderators and those that reported these. (round of applause)

Social Support:

  • Please welcome Abishek, Aditya Ban, Shreya and folks around @firefox, thank you for your help this week. Be sure to say hello to the community when you are online and ask any questions you may have <3
  • We need some help with Tagging during the next Firefox Release, if you are interested please reach out to so we can collaborate on the list of pre-defined tags we have prepared. Instructions on how to help will also be provided during SUMO day and in the next newsletter.
  • Way to go tagging DoH, thank you for your help with trending issues like this one, it helps the team respond fast to user issues, you rock!
  • Polite Reminder - please help users file bugs, not many are that technical in social media channels, thank you (insert advice how here)
  • Metrics this week: 57 replies with a team of 8 and 4 lurkers in Reply out of 193 help me and 70 #fxhelp with a team of 4 and a reach of 957!!! our volume is up from last week, so we need your help.