Support/Weekly Meetings/Minutes 2011-08-29

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Sumo Development Update


Firefox Status Update

  • Addon compatibility bump happened for Aurora
  • There is currently a discussion to mark extensions as compatible in a future version of Firefox
    • Cheng to figure out the status of that procedure


  • The number of new SUMO accounts grew by 20%, without any changes by us.
    • Cheng to figure out what exactly happened.

Knowledge Base

  • Firefox 7 updates need to be finished this week.
  • English KB Editors meeting
  • Over the last couple of weeks we've had a few new KB editors contribute on a regular basis - greasemonkey, Centinel and Ben


  • 9 people already RSVPed to the android meeting next week
  • Michele will start using the "creating new articles" process with mobile.


Support Forum

  • Nubmer of replies up, but in line with the uptake in questions.

Live Chat

  • Live Chat was down all of Live Chat due to Server issues.
  • 5 new SUMO contributors last week.