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  • Study document/ Alfredo
    • MediaStreamGraph, tracing code from mochitst test_video_to_canvas.
    • MediaRecorder, tracing code from Randy's mochitest

MediaEncoder bug 879688

  • bug 882956 WebAudio stack-buffer-overflow crash/ Shelly
    • Fixed, review+, and landed.
  • Study OMX and Stagefright framework. / Shelly


  • test API conformity (most web apps only work with Google Chrome) / JW
  • bug 882171 - Optimize the AudioNodeEngine.cpp routines for NEON / JW
    • trace code about how SSE is done on x86 platforms.
    • study ARM NEON intrinsic functions.
  • bug 884726 - (webaudio) Support webkit prefix and old names to work with existing web apps. / JW
    • discuss webkit prefix and old names with Ehsan.

Streaming Media

WebRTC bug 750011

  • bug 865956 Enable WebRTC C++ unit tests on b2g/ John
    • work with pwang to fix the regression from bug 867933
  • bug 869869 UDP E10S performance benchmark/ SC
    • update patch according to ekr's review comment.
    • continue the e10s code merge with StevenLee's performance tuning work.
  • central control for audio/video hardware/ SC
    • discuss the current plan bug 785592 with sotaro
    • figure out the control/data path of microphone audio
  • Test Opus codec with low complexity
    • CPU usage is still high. With low complexity and audio only, CPU usage is about 60%.
  • Work out a demo version with fixing audio latency problem


Canvas 2D/SkiaGL bug 858237

  • bug 869199 Bad performance of fishie tank/ Peter
    • Found main thread was blocked by DrawTargetSkia::Flush
    • SkDeferredCanvas may be the proper solution for it, create wiki to explain
  • bug 875168 Integrate SurfaceTexture/ Peter
    • analysis: Consider the gralloc buffer lifecycle

HW Composer

  • bug 881460Wrong colorspace of gl rendering content/ Peter
    • land
  • bug 881170 Camera Preview position changes when touch screen/ Peter
    • review


  • bug 881584 - [A/V] Background activity keep consuming power when Youtube is paused by power button. /Cervantes, Ting-Yuan
  • bug 878142 - [System] Device does not enter cpu idle state (AP's core 0 voltage). / Cervantes

Free Agent


  • bug 882526 - remove WBMP codec from gecko / SC
    • roc and gal suggest to introduce wbmp.js for implementing WBMP code in js.
    • discuss with schung about how Message app are going to apply this shared JS library.

Web Animation

  • Study the spec on W3C. /Shelly
    • Study the part of Animation Model, or start implementing the frameword of Timing Model.

Volume Service

  • bug 865347 - Add a test to device storage for checking sdcard availability. /JW
    • Study how to run/write Marionette tests.
    • Add a Marionette test for testing new APIs.


  • bug 880737 - Cannot resume update package download after network / SC
    • investigating why download cannot be resumed.
  • bug 885114 - 1.0->1.1 OTA/FOTA data migration testing / SC
    • Discuss with Taipei QAs about how to test FOTA


  • Prepare the presentation for WIDS2013/ Ting-Yuan


  • bug 771765 - (Nuwa) Investigate implementing Gecko "template" content process / Cervantes
    • patches get reviewed. Updating the patches for the next round of review.