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Media Recorder

  • Trace B2G HW decode in stagefright - IOMX / Alfredo
  • Write document for B2G HW decode diagram / Alfredo
  • Study B2G video encoding in stagefright / Alfredo


  • bug 882171 - Optimize the AudioNodeEngine.cpp routines for NEON / JW
    • coding with NEON intrinsics.
    • write test to verify optimized results are the same as those without opt.
    • test performance of loop unrolling.
  • read book - working with audio / JW

Streaming Media


  • bug 869869 - e10s for UDP socket /SC
    • update patch according to 3rd/4th review comments, fix major multi-thread issues
    • test on Steven's environment. A/V streaming works, but cpu usage increase about 5%~10%. Will need analyze the hotspot.
  • Performance test on helix /Steven
    • Fix the dangling pointer problem of ekr's patch
    • Encode 320x240 with 30 fps and decode 640x480 with 30 fps has delay problem.
  • Analysis - Enable HW codec on B2G /John
    • Study webrtc codebase to identify key classes & interfaces. Figure out what we need to change in current GIPS code base
      • webrtc defines audio & video codecs as modules, but no 'plug-in' mechanism available. Looks like it has to modify the codebase to add codec.
      • there is RTPSenderH264 in webrtc codebase, but no receiving class found. Further study is needed.
    • Browse IETF rtcweb WG website
      • existing MTI video codec proposals - VP8(Google) vs. H.264(Apple/Microsoft). Will expire on Aug. 29
    • Learn stagefright/OMX architecture


Canvas 2D/SkiaGL bug 858237

  • bug 869199 Bad performance of fishie tank/ Peter
    • Implement separate thread for canvas rendering
  • bug 875168 Integrate SurfaceTexture/ Peter
    • pending...

HW Composer

  • bug 884188 High power consumption of youtube/ Peter
    • new gaia patch still had problem due to small layer.
    • Workaround was provided and discussed the next step


  • Prepare b2g GFX introduction and porting([1])


Free Agent


  • bug 887603 - add test case for pausing OTA download /SC

Memory Shrinking

  • Analyzing the ratio of the near-read-only anonymous memories /TingYuan
    • It's ~80% for some very primitive tests.
    • Make them explicitly clean so that OS can evict them under memory pressure. Plans are:
      • wrote those NRO memories out and map them back
      • override mmap(..., MAP_ANONYMOUS, ...)
      • enable swap
  • bug 771765 - update patches per review comments /Cervantes
    • Study crash reporter to verify if we need to set child main thread ID in cloning the protocol object.
      • Don't need to: client main thread ID is only needed for plugin processes.


  • bug 889746 - [MMS-Gallery] Allow *.wbmp file to be stored via Device Storage API /SC
    • Device storage has a white list of allowed file extensions, create a file not in the while list will fail.
    • patch submitted for review.


  • Reading B2G architecture /JerryShih

Env Setup

  • Setup environment/ MorrisTseng


Meeting Minutes

  • Jerry
    • Gfx Module study
  • Steven
    • Show Girl Experience
    • Performance evaluation on middle-end device.
    • Discuss E10S performance with SC
    • Discuss SDP with ShianYow
  • JW
  • SC
    • Continue E10S work. 5% ~10% more CPU usage after patch apply. Need more profile to figure out the root cause.
  • Peter
    • Review Canvas rendering API
    • Leo+ power issue
  • Prepare an introduction for gfx module
  • KanRu
    • Gralloc IPDL
  • Cervantes
    • Show girl
    • Nuwa
    • Engineer mode discussion
  • Benjamin
    • AAC: MPEG4 streaming: RFC3640
    • AAC: interleave.
  • Shelly
    • WebAnimation
    • Video encoder
  • John
    • WebRTC HW encode prototyping
    • Study StageFright architecture
  • Alfredo
    • Investigate OmxDecoder
    • Impediment: no muxer export from StageFright