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Web Audio

  • bug 882171 - Optimize the AudioNodeEngine.cpp routines for NEON / JW
    • fix build error
  • bug 875277 - Implement WaveShaperNode.oversample / JW
    • study study audio resampler in libspeex
    • submit a patch
  • bug 896353 - Media Recording - Can't record the mediaStream created by AudioContext. / JW
    • submit a patch

Streaming Media


  • bug 869869 - e10s for UDP socket / SC
    • update patch, got 2/3 r+
    • create patch for udp-socket permission
    • preparing the performance measurement environment
  • bug 896391 - memcpy from camera preview's GraphicBuffer is slow / slee
    • The GraphicBuffer callback by camera preview is non-cached.
    • Trace GonkCamera code and see how to callback both cached(encoding callback) and non-cached(preview callback) from nsDOMCamera
  • Implement H.264 support in WebRTC on B2G / John Lin
    • Study OMX API in stagefright
    • Write external codec using stagefright
  • bug 853356 - [B2G getUserMedia] Display camera/ microphone permission acquisition prompt by ContentPermmissionRequest / Alfredo
    • Implement ContentPermissionRequest which connects to PIDL ContentPermissionPrompt service

RTSP bug 831645 / Bechen

  • RTSP bug 831645
    • waiting for second round review
  • bug 877193 - Configure memory usage for RTSP streaming
    • Trying to configure the memory usage in RtspMediaResource by SDP indormation such as sample rate, video size ...,
    • Prepare Perf to estimate the performance


Canvas 2D/SkiaGL bug 858237


  • bug 896286 genlock error when drawing the network icon(image layer) / Peter
    • fixed patch provided, but it requires dobule buffers to fix.
    • Confirm bug 858914 (new textureclient/host) fix it or not


  • bug 894262 Merge GrallocPlanarYCbCrImage to GonkIOSurfaceImage / Peter
    • Land to inbound and create bug 897363 as the follow up of image classes inheritance improvement
  • bug 894847 WebGL is horrible slow when hardware composer unavailable/ Morris
    • content process keep producing frames makes GPU too busy to generate frame for compositor process.
  • Tracking performance for peak device/ Morris
    • peak unable to use gralloc buffer bug 869696
    • Interval time between frames triggered by refresh driver exceed 16ms
  • bug 778453 B2G abort when opening a 3D CSS demo /Peter/Jerry
    • analysis: Abort on b2g18, but not on mozilla-central. Check the difference between b2g18 and mozilla-central


Free Agent


  • bug 882526 - Remove Gecko support for WBMP / SC
    • patch r+ and landed on m-c and b2g18.

Crash Reporter

  • bug 897289 - b2g process fails to generate the crash report / Cervantes
    • Should be caused by partner's build environment setting or code modification.
    • Will provide diagnosis method to partner.



  • bug 891009 - [OTA] Unable to reuse Update object to trigger OTA download again after severe network error in previous download / SC
    • patch r+ and landed on m-c.

Event Handling

  • bug 845169 - Target events "properly" at overlapping app frames /Kanru
    • Three method to attack this
      • Send touchable region after each composition
      • Use compositor to decide which process to dispatch
      • Synchronously ask remote process for hit detection
    • Currently trying method #1
  • Bug 847763 - Prevent virtual keyboard iframe from getting focus /Kanru
    • Investigating why the keyboard couldn't receive the touch events when OOP
    • It turns out we need to fix bug 845169 first for OOP case

Document / slee

  • How to use perf
  • Introductions to some tools for newbies

memory shrinking

  • try to write out near-read-only anonymous memory / Ting-Yuan


  • help Zhang Pin to port pinyin and analyze the performance / Ting-Yuan