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Team division

This page is open for all community members for sharing ideas to shape the restructuring process and other community-related works better. Below are the list of names under each team/group and the proposals submitted by the community during Dec. 1-24, 2016. If you want to add yourself to a team/group, please do that in the respective group rather than adding here.

1. Functional teams
Functional teams (ideas)
Mature technology and products Future technology and products Developer engagement and evangelism Advocacy and policy Marketing and brand (consumer) Mozilla Leadership Network Hubs Mozilla campus clubs Localization Community Operations and infrastructure
  1. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran (ideas)
  2. Paarttipaabhalaji (ideas)
  1. Viswaprasath (ideas)
  2. Mainak Roy Chowdhury (ideas)
  3. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran (ideas)
  4. Pratik Parmar (ideas)
  5. Deepak Upendra (ideas)
  6. Paarttipaabhalaji (ideas)
  7. Amit Kumar Roy (ideas)
  8. Rishita Bansal (ideas)
  9. Damarla Sumanth (ideas)
  10. Anonymous 1 (ideas)
  11. Anonymous 2 (ideas)
  12. Anonymous 3 (ideas)
  13. Anonymous 4 (ideas)
  1. Viswaprasath (ideas)
  2. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran (ideas)
  3. Shilpi Singh (ideas)
  4. Sai Viswanath (ideas)
  5. Anonymous 1 (ideas)
  6. Anonymous 2 (ideas)
  7. Anonymous 3 (ideas)
  8. Anonymous 4 (ideas)
  1. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran (ideas)
  2. Sai Viswanath (ideas)
  3. Anonymous 1 (ideas)
  4. Tanzeel Khan (ideas)
  1. Tripad Mishra (ideas)
  2. Biraj Karmakar (ideas)
  3. Subhasis Chatterjee (ideas)
  4. Mohammed Kareem (ideas)
  5. Anubha Maneshwar (ideas)
  6. Anonymous 1 (ideas)
  7. Aditya Vikram Agarwal (ideas)
  1. Deepak Upendra (ideas)
  2. Subhasis Chatterjee (ideas)
  3. Paarttipaabhalaji (ideas)
  4. Amit Kumar Roy (ideas)
  5. Anonymous 1 (ideas)
  6. Anonymous 2 (ideas)
  1. Pratik Parmar (ideas)
  2. Subhasis Chatterjee (ideas)
  3. Paarttipaabhalaji (ideas)
  4. Amit Kumar Roy (ideas)
  5. Shilpi Singh (ideas)
  6. Rishita Bansal (ideas)
  7. Sai Viswanath (ideas)
  8. Anubha Maneshwar (ideas)
  9. Anonymous 1 (ideas)
  10. Anonymous 2 (ideas)
  11. Aditya Vikram Agarwal (ideas)
  12. Tanzeel Khan (ideas)
  1. Biraj Karmakar (ideas)
  2. Pratik Parmar (ideas)
  3. Subhasis Chatterjee (ideas)
  4. Paarttipaabhalaji (ideas)
  5. Mohammed Kareem (ideas)
  6. Tanzeel Khan (ideas)
  1. Viswaprasath (ideas)
  2. Tripad Mishra (ideas)
  3. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran (ideas)
  4. Biraj Karmakar (ideas)
  5. Pratik Parmar (ideas)
  6. Subhasis Chatterjee (ideas)
  7. Paarttipaabhalaji (ideas)
  8. Amit Kumar Roy (ideas)
  9. Shivang Bhandari (ideas)
  10. Sai Viswanath (ideas)
  11. Tanzeel Khan (ideas)
  1. Subhasis Chatterjee (ideas)
  2. Dyvik Chenna Thirunahari (ideas)
  3. Damarla Sumanth (ideas)
2. Those who have showed interest to join the current provisional meta team and support in the restructuring process (the existing provisional meta team will bilaterally discuss with the Mozillians below to onboard them)
  1. Deepak Upendra
  2. Dyvik Chenna Thirunahari
  3. Damarla Sumanth
  4. Anonymous 1
3. Focus team
Focus teams (ideas)
Maker party Grow WebVR Web compatibility sprint Dive into Rust Addon
  1. Subhasis Chatterjee
  2. Amit Kumar Roy
  3. Mohammed Kareem
  4. Sai Viswanath
  5. Anubha Maneshwar
  6. Anonymous 1
  7. Anonymous 2
  1. Pratik Parmar
  2. Anonymous 1
  3. Anonymous 2
  1. Shivang Bhandari
  1. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran
  2. Paarttipaabhalaji
  1. Viswaprasath


1. Viswaprasath
  1. Starting a new Focus group Add-ons.
2. Anonymous
  1. Imparting basics of computing/Internet to children from Government/Government aided schools
  2. Help children from LIG areas to form a thriving local community
  3. Run various campaigns bringing the local schools into purview
3. Mainak Roy Chowdhury
  1. build cool tools for the community.
4. Tripad Mishra
  1. (Under Brand Team)
    1. Help create brand frameworks for activities for proper use and promotion of brands
    2. Implementing system for marketing outreach
  2. (Both Teams)
    1. Work with staff teams and help implement and align with their goals"
5. Vigneshwer Dhinakaran
  1. Online training series for rust
  2. encouraging student projects on rust
  3. Creating localized content and videos of rust tutorials
6. Anonymous
  1. L10n hackathon, organizing Meetup for community growth, marketing related campaign
7. Pratik Parmar
  1. Web VR camp,
  2. Intro to Virtual Reality, VR Android Apps development
8. Deepak Upendra
  1. I am going to be doing a Mega Event in Hyderabad combining the various Technical scopes(Rust, WebVR, etc.) and Non-Tech scopes(Marketting, Designing, etc.) of Mozilla in December end or January first week. This is to catalyze the non-active Mozillians in Hyderabad and to increase the number of Mozillians in Hyderabad who could and will contribute to Mozilla in the future. The event, for me, acts as a platform to on-board more and more people into Rust and other technical scopes and Marketing, which are/are going to be my top areas of contribution and having more and more people on-board for these are going to create the required environment for faster growth of these and will be useful for Mozilla as a whole.
  2. Apart from this event, I have plans to organize at least one event/hackathon on Rust and IoT every month and to nurture the new Mozillians in the community who are interested in this field of contributions so that they have something set up for themselves to contribute to independently and take the word forward and organize events in the future on their own, with me assisting them a bit in the beginning stages.
  3. I am also planning to have some plans to do some out of the box stuff which, as much as I know, haven't been done ever in India and this is sure to create a lot of acceleration in the amount of contributions that have been taking place over here.
  4. Along with this comes the part of responsibility. This is something I take very seriously and believe that every person, when they grow in the community, have to have some kind of duties/responsibilities and one of them is to make SURE that the newbies aren't treated like newbies but are treated like a part of the team so that there is absolutely NO scope of conflicts. For this, I am going to be making a wide array of ways through which the people facing any issue can communicate to the right person.
  5. One of the major things I am going to do over here is, in today's Mozilla India, if we have any grievance, we have to express it only to a limited number of Mozillians in India. This isn't good, keeping in mind that most of the issues that come up are due to an experienced Mozillian. And most chances are that the senior Mozillian in question is a good friend of the limited number of Mozillians to whom the grievances have to be raised. So, the issue quickly gets submerged and there is no follow up and no kind of action is taken against the senior Mozillian for his/her wrong deeds.
  6. My plan is to come up with a system where in, the grievance can be sent out to the other Mozillians who, the junior Mozillian is pretty sure will not be affected by the senior Mozillian and the junior Mozillian should be able to share his/her concerns with ONLY the other Mozillians (the grievance report should not go to the senior Mozillian or his/her friends(pretty much like blocking)). What this will ensure is a transparent and non-biased. Once a decision has been reached as to whether the Senior Mozillian in question is actually at fault or not, the message can be conveyed to them and they should have a way to see the discussion at the end so that they can have their opportunity to justify their actions and is not one sided.
  1. The points noted by the members are actually interesting as they have been able to highlight the problems and solutions for the same in their own geographical groups or have been able to give a broad array of ideas that we, as Mozilla India, can implement to make this community a very efficient community. But I had a few extra thoughts in my mind. Here they go:
    1. Viswaprasath in his comments, put out that he wants to start a new Focus group for Addons and this discussion did even come up in the Future Technologies and Products Telegram group. All the members of the group thought it was a good idea and we all supported the effort. But what we all failed collectively is the fact that as per the Details of the team structure, we already have a focus group for Addons and none of us knew about it and we blindly thought about the idea without doing any kind of due diligence.(Note, even I was part of this failure and I realized it when I was preparing for the event out here in Hyderabad). This clearly means that the Mozillians who didn't participate in MInM(and even most of the Mozillians who participated in MInM) have no idea about the existence of the groups. This, I feel, is pretty much similar to Mozillians not knowing the real responsibilities of the Meta Team, as suggested by Ankit and Dyvik apart from the existing Provisional Meta Team.
      1. What I feel is that we have many geographical groups and we have members from all the geographical groups who were a part of MInM, and it wouldn't be difficult to get the list of people who were part of the same. If we can get that, we should start a process of regrouping the MInM team and having all the geographical groups organizing community-enabling events in their geographical areas and having all the functional and focus groups' events so that the Mozillians who weren't a part of MInM get to know all the possible options for contributions and these geographical groups would surely need support of other communities as no one community is fully self-sufficient right now, as much as I understand. If we can somehow decentralize the whole hierarchy(it is already decentralized on papers but not in effect yet), that would be the ideal thing to happen.
      2. For example, Dyvik, I and Aastha(What I would like is that not only 3 people but all the people who are willing to contribute should be able to give suggestions openly) have been having very good number of discussions on this and we did come to pretty much the same conclusion and we are organizing an event in Hyderabad where many of the functional and focus groups' work will be shared and fresh talent can be brought into Mozilla and we can again accelerate Mozilla and bring Mozilla India to the efficiency it once had. This event is not the end but a beginning to the whole reboot process. Similar kinds of events have to happen all around India and we should be able to expand the scope too, and not just stick with a few topics being repeated every time.
      3. If something like that happens(I would like you to read all the points raised by the other respondents of the activity), you can see that most of the comments of 'having WebVR sessions' or Rust sessions or similar type of comments gets accommodated.
    2. Apart from that fact, we also have to take the points raised by Subhasis Chatterjee pretty seriously too, as he has raised very much valid points over there for the long term growth and stability of Mozilla India. But I would maybe want to have a discussion on his point no. 2 which states we must take in new members to the core group based on his interests, without judging his/her technical skillset. I would say we should take in Mozillians who are interested and do have at least a bit of track record in the back pack, as if a person who is very much knowledgeable in Designing, Marketing, etc. wants to enter the Rust focus group but has no experience in coding whatsoever, we should probably guide him/her for a few weeks first and when he/she is ready, we can onboard him/her. Similarly, if a person does not know designing at all but is very much interested in it, designing isn't something that can be thought to a person easily. So, that person would not be the ideal member for the team. Maybe he/she would be ideal for some other team and we should be able to guide him/her.
9. Dyvik Chenna
  • Starting from basic Operations and Infrastructure team. In big organizations we always have these as two different fields and combining them together arises many difficulties as we already noticed in our earlier discussions.
    • Here is the basic draft that I’ve made for operations and infrastructure and it is not able to fulfil infrastructure needs I always want someone to focus and add more points to it such that we can take this to next level
  • Involvement and adaptation: It’s difficult to let people know that things have changed, “Do you even believe that there are still few villages where they are still not aware of demonetization? And it’s taking more than 60+ days but still things have not settled down “ If this is the case of a such big mission of a digital India, how can we assure about restructure to be known by all the mozillians and contributors in Mozilla India when there are rapid and continuous changes in the program?. So here comes Involvement and adaptation, where we need to take care of the spread of a program.
  • Measuring effectiveness and efficiency: Till now we are just measuring on the basis of qualitative analysis but on the other side we should also work on cost effectiveness, growth and many other factors that can show effectiveness and efficiency of the existing program. I believe that we don’t have any statistics of it yet, which can show the actuality of the situation.
  • Mission and Vision follow up: we should always understand what are we working for and also why? And we always cross check with what exactly we want to achieve by the end of any program and build strategies accordingly for a constant and rapid growth of community.
  • Feedback system and volunteer satisfaction: Not to forget that we are working with people and not machines, So one should always respect their sentiments at work while building a better feedback or volunteers satisfaction system to understand our people better and provide them better tools for their contribution work.
  • Recognition: We should always appreciate people within our community and recognize their work at individual level as we are a non-profit organization we should encourage people around and build ourselves as a better platform to contribute by doing comparative checks with other open source organizations.

10. Subhasis Chatterjee
  1. To make the community structure coherent and cohesive, I would like to follow the 5 pointers:
    1. Clear Roadmap from Mozilla for next 5 years. No ambiguity.
    2. While taking a fresh contributor in any Mozilla Community, I would like to have a minimum of screening process in place. It is required not to judge his technical skillset, but his passion, commitment, dedication for Mozilla activities / mission for at least next one year.
    3. Objective driven community structure, its role, purposes and accountabilities should be defined to one and all in the community. The support system at every step of functioning to be clearly analysed as well.
    4. In a ladder of LEADERS -> SUPER MOBILIZERS -> MOBILIZERS -> CONTRIBUTORS, each and every member involved has a crucial role to play. Team should concentrate on superior execution of programmatic work processes.
    5. Mozilla should provide enough value / recognition to each and every contribution and align incentives.
  2. Apart from that I would sincerely focus on the following domains.....
    1. PR and branding: The team was formed during MInM2016. But It lacked direction and planning. So, no work or development has taken place since end of August.
    2. Mozilla Leadership Network Hubs
    3. Mozilla campus clubs: As a Regional Coordinator, I want to mobilize this program in different institutions and ensure smooth functioning.
    4. Localization
    5. Community
    6. Operations and infrastructure
11. Anonymous
  1. Workshop, Seminars, Webminars.
12. Paarttipaabhalaji (see blog)
13. Anonymous
  1. evangelism, promoting Open Web
14. Amit Kumar Roy
  1. Organise an events for people who have not aware of much technology. I wana teach how to use technology.etc.
15. Mohammed Kareem
  1. Energy, Info
16. Anonymous
  1. Conducting events, having meetups & contests.
17.Rishita Bansal
  1. Sessions on WebVR in Pune in colleges as not much activities related to WebVR have started yet and students need to be aware of this awesome future technology.
  2. Conducting more workshops in colleges as part of Campus Clubs as this would help Motivate more students to get involved with Mozilla and open source.
18. Damarla Sumanth
  1. With my expertise of being a volunteer in Mozilla Indian community, I can support the restructuring of new Indian community in any means necessary.
  2. I can take a stand in a debate which can lead us to form a solid proposal for execution newly developed community structure.
  3. I can look after the implementation of proposed plan in my community and nearby communities as well.
  4. I am open to organize small meetups and be a bridge between regional communities to make them aware of updates in community structure and guide them implementing it.
  5. As a tech volunteer, I can deliver talks on different upcoming projects from Mozilla and guide fellow mozillians where potential volunteer work is actually required.
19. Anonymous
  1. Prepare learning kits for beginners
  2. Help to draft next one year goals for my team/group
  3. Conduct sessions in schools & colleges and contribute for the same
20. Anubha Maneshwar
  1. I am good at marketing especially social media, I would like to conduct an awareness program through social media platforms. I want to write blogs and posts in a creative manner. I would love to spread the network through establishing more Campus Clubs and helping already established clubs. There are many cities in India like Nagpur where there is a need to spread awareness and establish strong Mozilla Communities and I would love to take workshops and work under meta team members.
21. Aditya Vikram Agarwal
  1. Increase awareness of WebVR ( aframes )
  2. contribute to aframes WebVR along with conducting hackathons ( also would I like to do the same for Rust Lang ).
22. Tanzeel Khan
  1. As a part of Advocacy and Policy Group, I will work with the team members to create different activities that could help people learn about Privacy and Security online and the ways to safeguard it. From the past few years, mass surveillance, blocking internet services, data theft and other privacy and online rights issues has been on rise. We as a team will work to safeguard online rights, respect privacy and make internet accessible to everyone. We will voice our concern against blocking internet services, banning people from using social networking sites and other communication services.
  2. As a part of Mozilla Campus Clubs Functional Team, I will coordinate with the regional coordinators and club captains to help them run the club smoothly and organize activities with full impact. We will hold meeting online/offline to keep track of the club activities and the work being done by RC's. As a whole, our focus will be to make each club active and working. Besides, we will help RC's create clubs in their regions. Moreover, we will look after the issues like Budget, Assigning Roles and more. Last but not the least, we will look after the impact that the events and other activities organized by clubs are creating which I feel is the motive of all this and nobody seems to care about it.
  3. As a part of Localization Team, we will coordinate with the Locale Leads of respective languages and help them to localize projects efficiently and on time. We will organize hackathons for different languages besides making sure that the localisers have full knowledge about the language that they are localising in and help them for the same. Moreover, we will help localisers organize hackathons in their regions. We will hold monthly meetings and will be in touch with them through a common communication channel.
  4. As part of Community Functional Team, our focus would be encourage those working locally to build a mozilla community. Help them in different areas and appreciate their work. Give them ideas about growing community and keeping it sustainable. Besides, we will look after the existing regional communities, keep track of their activities and assign roles, help them with making decisions regarding issues related to community building, events and contribution. Our focus will be to encourage contribution to mozilla projects, be it Coding, Localizing, Designing or Marketing. And as said already, we will be concerned more with the impact that the communities from organising events and activities. We will look after the budget and other related issues and will take necessary steps if the event and its impact doesn't go as planned."


Other ideas and concerns/questions are added here. If you have a question, please feel free to ask ask below.

1. Ankit (copied from the Etherpad)
  1. The community thinks the provisional meta team is the all decision maker of the new process/structure how do we plan to clear this confusion?
  2. Is there a plan to make a clear communication around goals and responsibility of the provisional meta team to the community?
  3. how do we plan to engage the larger community into the focus groups? For instance, all the teams only have members who participated in the team creation activity during the meetup, but does not have other members from the community.
2. Dyvik Chenna Thirunahari (copied from the Etherpad)
  1. I accept that "Reviewers,Peers and Council members are for reps and staff is open to all,In this case i believe that Reps are the people who should act as a Meta Team for Mozilla India as they have access to every resource and I don't find anything interesting in forming a Meta Team when we already have 40+ reps working across India to serve Mozillians and non-Mozillians.

if so :

    1. Who can be the part of the Restructure Team/Provisional Meta team or Meta team? (Is it only council members, Provisional Meta Team or every individual who has love and passion to work for betterment of Mozilla India)
    2. Where should one start contributing to the project?
    3. I believe that we should build standard guidelines before working on it,such that it will be more clear for everyone to Understand
    4. Building a team and how can we form one?
    5. Building strategies for a better restructure.
  1. Finally i believe in following timelines, Its better if we set timelines and work accordingly.