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Thunderbird meeting notes 2015-07-14. NOON PT (Pacific). Check for meeting time conversion, previous meeting notes and call-in details


rkent, mkmelin, MakeMyDay, jorgk, clokep, marcoagpinto

Action items from last meetings

Friends of the tree

Current status and discussions

  • use to communicate version 38 issues
  • JoeS1 What should we do (if anything) about the failing tb31.8 builds. Should we just forget about them, or just postpone trying to build. My personal opinion is we might lose the ability to build tb38, and that's more important
  • We need to enable update for 31.* users ASAP. I've not received contrary feedback from drivers other than the proxy crashes, so I recommend we enable updates starting today at 25% rate. (wsmwk)

Critical Issues

Leave critical bugs here until confirmed fixed. If confirmed, then remove.

  • status TBD bug 1176399 Multiple requests for master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled
  • Someone needs to add additional main thread proxies to the migration code.

removing from critical list/fixed:

  • status TBD bug 1174797 Add a cookie exception for GMail OAuth
    • Does not affect unthrottling since no effect unless someone tries to use OAuth. Lightning has an example of how to fix this, so should not be difficult.
  • bug 1131879 - Disable hardware acceleration (HWA)
  • FIXED Simplified Chinese bug 1174580 - Not display GB2312 encoded texts correctly
  • FIXED by AMO block proxy not working bug 1175051 and probably related crashes
  • FIXED by disabling Outlook/Eudora import completely busted: bug 1175055.
  • (will not block) bug 1175051PAC/socks proxy not used for TB38 IMAP


  • Past
    • 31.7.0 2015-05-18 Monday (lots of issues - Tues 5-12 was target)
    • 38.0.1 nominally shipped 2015-06-12
    • 38.1.0 shipped 2015-07-10
  • Upcoming
    • 31.8.0
    • 40.0b1 (skipping 39.0b)
    • 38.2.0

Lightning to Thunderbird Integration


  • As underpass has pointed out repeatedly (thanks for your patience!) , we need to rewrite / heavily modify the lightning articles on let me know irc: rolandtanglao on #tb-support-crew or rtanglao AT OR simply start editing the articles
  • Lightning 4.0.1 released with TB 38, eventually we will have a due to bug 1182264 (to be distributed via AMO)
  • tracking bug for lightning 4.0.2 bug 1180416

Round Table


  • shipped 38.1.0
  • monitoring stability, support, bugs for issues related to top issues and enabling updates


  • Research surrounding Thunderbird registration options
  • Investigation of continuing issues with FoxyProxy caches
    • bug 1183733 Second app update after a compatibility override re-enables an incompatible addon
    • Possible fix using blocklist instead of compatibility override under investigation
  • Next week in Portland for pre-OSCON events, including
    • Community Leadership Summit
    • Open source email reboot! - Open messaging day


  • Meeting between clokep/florian/aleth in France next week to (hopefully) help finish up OTR integration into Instantbird.
    • Should be possible to port to Thunderbird.

Jorg K

Question Time

Support team


  • Note - meeting notes must be copied from etherpad to wiki before 5AM CET next day so that they will go public in the meeting notes blog.

Action Items

  • (pending meeting results) ask releng to enable updates from 31.*