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Please add feedback about the new AMO Developer Tools (3.5) here.

Feedback 1

I have deleted what I put here as it is not appropriate feedback to the bug mentioned

Feedback 2

After uploading new addon version, status doesn't appear in confirmation message. screenshot

I think it should say "Your new version has been created and is currently marked as In Sandbox".

Feedback 3

In the Preview Manager, we can't add translations for the first preview screenshot.

Feedback 4 (Bitchell)

There needs to be a way to see the status of nominated add-ons as they move through the review process.

Feedback 5 (Bitchell)

I can't find contact information for the AMO project/ editors regarding Feedback 4 above.

Feedback 6

When I changed the Applications that one of my already approved Versions could use (from Firefox 3.0.* to 3.2a<something>), it put ALL of the Versions I have in there into the Sandbox, and now I can't get them out of the Sandbox, even by putting the version back. Now I can't find the toolbar when I do a search, and if I go directly to the page, there is no install button. Any help would be great! (This is for https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5740). Thank you!

Dictionary catch-22 categorization issue

I uploaded a dictionary to the addons directory and it didn't go through: the system marks it as incomplete due to missing category, while at the same time it says that no categories are available for the addon/application (a dictionary).

Same for me - I have a dictionary in purgatory that I'd like to release, one direction or the other. Please sort this out ASAP! Charlener 17:20, 24 January 2009 (UTC)
Me, too - I registered a new addon for Korean spellcheck. But I couldn't select categories. I can see only this message "No categories are available for this add-on type and application." Fix it please. Mr.Dust

Feedback 8

There is no explanation of how to upload a search plugin to the addons section. It rejects .xml files, although that is the format that is required for the plugin. Mika - mikaincorporated.com

Feedback 9

When "return(ing) to Listing" from the Developer tools a TB (only) extension is listed under the Firefox heading instead, which is confusing.

Feedback 10

The distinction between nominating and submitting an add-on is not entirely clear and caused a few confusions. E.g. is a submitted add-on automatically nominated? A few words of instruction could be useful here. For example:

"An Add-on can be _submitted_ for users to download and reviewers to review, however in order to become 'public', the submitted Add-on has to be _nominated_. The following criteria need to be fulfilled in order to become nominated: ... "

Feedback 11

The extension menu on the left side should not show the entry "View Listing" for inactive add-ons.

Feedback 12 - Can't add more extension authors

Adding another author address to our extension's Edit Add-on page (the extension is currently in the sandbox) does not work: the edit page initially seems to register the new name as a second author, but on reloading it later, the second address is gone, and the account associated with that address has never been able to see the extension in its Developer Tools page.