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Open Items

  • Security update
  • Drumbeat
  • AMO
  • SUMO
  • Webtools
  • Flux
  • mozilla.com
  • Goals check-in



  • AMO 5.12.10 and 11
  • mostly on update.php > update.py and the new paypal embedded payments for the contribution flow
  • some editor tools work



  • Interviews
  • 5.12.9, 5.12.10
  • Debug staging issues for input
  • Increased test coverage on input dashboard
  • New reviewlog/approvals for AMO editors
  • Input work week
  • Search showdown - learning elastic search
  • Goldfrapp - Strict Machine


  • CRC32 isn't a general-purpose hash function, but it does alright: no collisions for most limited enumerated sets, like a set of 19,000 English words.
  • Lots of reviews around porting kitsune to the new notification system. Did migrations for the new system. Ported the Knowledge Base to it. Implemented enumerated set hashing for it.
  • Made nose-progressive, a nose plugin which displays progress in a stationary progress bar, freeing the rest of the screen (as well as the scrollback buffer) for the compact display of test failures. It displays failures and errors as soon as they occur and avoids scrolling them off the screen in favor of less useful output.
  • Thinking about making arbitrary left joins expressible with the Django ORM. Anybody know if someone's already done this and is hiding it?
  • PM'd the SUMO 2.5 release.





  • Wrapped up Mobile AMO Designs
  • Wrapped up mobile SUMO Designs
  • Making Days Longer by RJD2


  • 1.2 release of mozilla.com
  • Published mozilla.com on github (https://github.com/jlongster/mozilla.com)
    • Establishing and documenting git support alongside SVN
  • Getting mozilla.com ready for Firefox 4 launch (new content, graphics, etc.)

Love song: Fly Me to the Moon


  • Was in MV last week
    • Helped put together a dev roadmap for MDN with Luke
    • Threw together a roadmap for Game On with Potch
    • Moved SUMO to PHX with Corey
    • Fun times were had by all
  • Oh man I don't even remember the week before that. SUMO 2.5 stuff, I guess.
  • Favorite love song: Does O Valencia! by the Decemberists count?



  • Shiny new editor pages, like monitoring the queue of new add-ons for review
  • This spawned an ORM-like way to use raw SQL queries (i.e. lots of joins, read-only)
  • worked more on the add-on validator

Love song?


  • one week off
  • various research studies for FF4 blockers
  • assassinating Bugs for Socorro 1.7.7
    • blocked for a while on not having access to dm-breakpad-devdb
    • retry semantics for database connections
    • save on mdsw failure added
    • fixing some unit tests
  • Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs
    • Fido, your leash is too long


  • Socorro:
    • Lots of data requests: people remembered we exist!
    • Logistical juggling of old prod -> dev+stage
    • Some 1.7.7 bugs
    • Trying to set up community stuff - more and more people contacting us about using Socorro.
  • I talked at AOL about Socorro and Mozilla and blogged about it
  • Interviewing
  • Love song: lots. Here's an Aussie one: Throw Your Arms Around Me, sung by Paul McDermott


  • Demo Studio in QA and L10N string freeze
  • Snippets server waiting on prod deployment
  • Graphics blocklist in prod, first blocked driver soon?
  • Facebook badges stewarding
  • Twitter collage stewarding


  • Flux projects schedules and planning
  • MarkUp
  • Domesday requirements and planning
  • Affiliates rehome
  • A couple interviews
  • "Your Love is the Place Where I Come From" by Teenage Fanclub


  • hiring magical people
  • meetings, catching up with remote folks in mt view
  • Foolish Games by Jewel


  • Working on dteam project, thanks for the feedback
  • Will shift back onto SSO soonish
  • Will jump back on dteam part time with jgrlicky for mobile version

Love song... 404. Swing Years and Beyond is a great radio show that plays "love songs" sometimes, I guess...



  • Hiring update - Down to 4 candidates. Trying to narrow to 2 this week.
  • Thinking about search. Looking at Haystack + Solr or Elastic Search.
  • Moving to iterations for drumbeat.org. Plan to release every 2 weeks.


  • AMObile!
  • First Run!
  • Download Stats!
  • General hunkiness

Sara Bareilles- Love Song </obvious>


"I don't love anyone" - B&S


  • SUMO 2.6
    • Mobile friendly landing pages and search results
  • Every rose has its thorn


  • Input 3.1 cleanup; Input 3.2 refactoring
  • Socorro 1.7.7 bugs
  • Spark stewarding
  • Markup stewarding
  • Retiring Spread Firefox
  • Analytics prodding
  • Favorite love song: Anthrax Dallabnikufesin


  • Interview
  • Last week Input work week with rsnyder and dd.
  • some "steward" meetings with marketing
  • Working on Army of Awesome updates this week.


  • push AMO, BAMO, and getpersonas last week
  • BAMO is now on a 2 week push schedule
  • interviews and all that jazz
  • gone the first part of next week