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Meeting Info


  • Michael Kelly <Osmose>
  • Jessica Osorio <jessosorio>
  • Eli Kariv <Foufy>


  • Immediately, the dev team will work on:
    • Merging, testing, and deploying the public stats dashboard, estimated to be deployed the week of July 21st.
    • Investigating how to deal with fraudulent clicks. A plan of what we should implement should be ready by the July 21st weekly update. The feature is due by August 25th at the latest, are preferably as soon as possible.
  • Foufy will file a request with the creative team for the missing banner variation images.
  • jessosorio is working on a roadmap for Affiliates that will outline the long-term vision of the site.
  • Both Foufy and jessosorio are looking through the existing bugs for Affiliates to create a new prioritized list of bugs. An older version of this is available.
  • There is a discussion on the mailing list about what constitutes an Active Affiliate.
  • There was brief discussion of why people become Affiliates and how we can provide incentive or identify reasons why people who aren't currently Affiliates may become Affiliates. This discussion is encouraged to move to the mailing list.

Agenda and Notes

Outstanding Tasks

  • None

Action Items

  • Foufy to file bug with creative for missing previews
  • Osmose to work on fraudulent clicks
  • Osmose to merge and push public dashboard
  • jessosorio and eli to work on priority list of tasks

PTO / Work Weeks / Other Important Dates

  • mbrandt - July 28 - Aug 1 in MV for QA workweek

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