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Command queues
High Pending Counts
Server Load
Buildbot Bridge
Buildbot Master - buildbot age
Golden AMI
Pending Scriptworker Tasks
Manage Buildbot Masters
Add a New Buildbot Master in AWS
Bring Buildbot Masters Up After an Outage
Decommission a Master
Land Buildbot Master Changes
Restart Buildbot Masters
Setup a Personal Development Master
Manage Buildbot Slaves
Hardware Machines
Connect to IPMI/PDU
Decommission a Slave
File Bugs for DCOps
Handle an Idle Slave
Re-image machines
Return a re-imaged machine to production
Virtual Machines
Add a new disk to an EC2 instance
Manage AWS instances
Manage Loaners
Loan a Machine
Grant VPN Access
Machine Tracking
Perform a Reconfig
Upload a Python Package to the Internal Pypi
Work with Golden AMIs
Build DEBs
Build DMGs
Build RPMs
Hack on PuppetAgain
Push Changes to Production
Rotate Passwords across Releng Infra
Setup a User Environment
Update Mercurial
Loan a Worker
Test a Patch
Compute the optimized/full graph
Push to Try Server
Tree Management
Close or Open the Tree
Mark jobs as complete in the buildbot database