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Adelaja Olaneye is a Metric Analyst at Mozilla, Some functional areas where he has been supportive includes Mozilla Repository via Github, Bugzilla, Mozilla Wiki and Mofometrics.

He is a member of Association of Accounting Technicians in West Africa and a Professional student member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria.

Adelaja has been involved with several teams both Locally and globally,his involvements erstwhile includes the following: Finance team lead in AIESEC Lagos, Global Enterprise Experience (Team 25 Finance associate and Co-Leader),top 5% participant in Credit Suisse HOLT Valuation Challenge,The Nuli juice company (Accounts officer nationwide), Remvicbial Enterprise (Finance officer),Chartered Institute of Management Accountant(CIMA) Global Business Challenge (Sigma Consult, team lead).

He is an Advocacy member of Generation of UN, a Virtual Volunteer of the UN to organisations. Adelaja is also the Founder of West African business development initiative and a major exponent to founding Global Young Leaders Alliance, a social impact initiative with representatives in about 40 countries.

Honours 1. Scepters Corporate Award Nominee 2. Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador 3. ECOWAS Youth Council 4. International Youth Council 5. Common purpose GLE Alumnus 6. OD Mentor 7. State Influencer Nirmala Chellaram League of Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs 8.Local Coordinator, Students for Liberty.