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The purpose of Milestone 3 is to deliver an Alpha build. The work here is defined as 'functional complete' which primarily is focused on ensuring all Gecko work/APIs have been proposed, specified and implemented.

In addition, there is a prioritized product backlog with Core Apps that the Gaia team will be working towards in M3 and M4 (Beta 1).

The goal is to land all P1 bugs listed below for the Alpha milestone as well as any outstanding P1 tasks from M2.5


The target date is the June 1, 2012.


Work in progress

List of projects for the Milestone 3:

Description Priority Status Details Owner i18n UX Specs Bugs
Settings P1 RUNWAY details

Status Legend:

  • RUNWAY - Waiting for design or initial planning
  • TAKEOFF - Ready for work to begin
  • INFLIGHT - Work is in progress. Patches should be in bugs.
  • LANDED - Work has finished and is in the product.