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Setting up a Try Server

The Try Server consists of a few parts

At Mozilla, we run the web interface on one machine and the other parts on a separate network but they can both be run on the same machine if you'd like.

Setting up the Web Interface

The web interface depends on Perl w/ the LWP module. This should come with your standard Perl installation.

  1. Checkout the buildbot-try directory somewhere on your webserver:
  2. cvs co -d buildbot-try mozilla/webtools/buildbot-try
  • Edit the variables in and sendchange.cgi to your liking (See below for additional description of them)
  • Test the installation by visiting sendchange.cgi on your webserver. For example: http://localhost/~myusername/buildbot-try/sendchange.cgi
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    Setting up the Buildbot Master

    The Try Server Buildbot requires Buildbot 0.7.5 or higher. All of the necessary files are in CVS.

    1. Checkout the tryserver Buildbot configs and buildbotcustom module from CVS onto your Buildbot master
    2. cvs co -d tryserver mozilla/tools/buildbot-configs/tryserver
      cd tryserver
      cvs co -d buildbotcustom mozilla/tools/buildbotcustom
      cvs co -d processor mozilla/webtools/buildbot-try/
      mv processor/
      rm -rf processor
    3. Edit the variables in to match your web server/buildbot configuration.
    4. Create a buildbot master in your 'tryserver' directory.
    5. cd tryserver
      buildbot create-master .
    6. Connect one or more slaves to your master
    7. Using your Try Server

      Just use your web browser to submit your changes!

      You can set up to be run as a cronjob. Running it every minute or two is OK. If it's just for personal use you may or may not care about it running automatically. To force it to look for new changes you can simply run ''.