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Many companies want services that Mozilla does not offer, including paid support, deployment assistance and custom add-ons. The goal of this page is to provide a list of experts in various Mozilla technologies that are available for these type of engagements.



Beonex helps companies to create Mozilla-based products including creating their own applications based on XULRunner, Firefox and Thunderbird extensions, and embedding Mozilla technologies in their products. Being a development contributor to Mozilla since over 20 years, Beonex can also help make changes to core Firefox and Thunderbird products.

For our customers, we consult on the best approach to a problem, design their applications and lead the development effort, help with Mozilla-specific tasks, or help make the necessary changes for large deployments. Our past and current customers include the German Office of Foreign Affairs, TomTom and Bay Area startups. Please tell us how we can help you.

Kaply Consulting

Kaply Consulting specializes in customizing Firefox and creating Firefox add-ons. They can also help with enterprise deployment of Firefox.

They are based in Austin, Texas, USA and can be reached at

Mozdev Group, Inc.

Mozdev Group, Inc. is a Mozilla software development company servicing all aspects of Mozilla based technologies. If your company is looking for a solution using Mozilla, MDG can provide the professional services required to deliver high quality commercial software to meet any production release schedule.

They can be reached at

Pearl Crescent, LLC

Pearl Crescent specializes in creating Firefox add-ons and other software based on Mozilla technologies. Pair programming and code reviews are used to avoid bugs and security holes. Our engineers have extensive experience designing, implementing, and testing software on Windows, Macintosh, and POSIX (Unix and Linux) systems.

Contact Pearl Crescent at

Salsita Software

Salsita Software specializes in development of browser extensions and plugins for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and other web browsers. They also develop WebRunner, a single-site browser based on Firefox that enables the packaging and distribution of standalone web applications.

Contact them on their website.