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Features/bugs for 1.1:

  • 540744 Additional voting option / algorithm for Design Challenges
  • 540767 Change algorithm of "hot designs" to be manual
  • 542584 Edit crop tool to enhance thumbnail view of designs

Planned Release date:

  • Release is currently scheduled for 02/16/2010

QA Resources:

  • Stephen Donner (irc:stephend)
  • Krupa Raj (irc:krupa)

QA Support Level:Level 2

See all our Support levels

QA will cover:

  • Creating and executing the Test Plan (this document)
  • Basic Formatting and Appearance
  • Link validation
  • Business Rule Validation
  • Bug Verification
  • New Feature testing-Changes to voting process
  • Testing of admin features

What is out of scope:

  • Unit Testing
  • Performance testing (Load, Volume, Stress)
  • White Box testing
  • Security testing

Entry and Exit Criteria:

  • Entry criteria:
    • Mocks/Specs/feature requirements are made available to the QA team
    • QA team has access to staging server
    • MCC website is ready for testing
  • Exit Criteria
    • No crashing bugs.
    • All features under the scope of this release are functional.
    • All P0 and P1 bugs are either fixed or deferred.
    • All P0/P1 fixes are verified by QA and marked as such in Bugzilla.
    • QA has verified that the fixes have not caused major regression.

Test deliverables:

  • Test Plan
  • Bug reports
  • Interim status updates

Test Scenarios:


Assumptions and Risk Management:

  • Assumptions:
    • There is no schedule slippage from development.
    • No feature creep.
    • QA has the latest specs;QA is always informed of any changes to the project