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For background info check the project profile.


UI style is stable, some consistency check are needed; basic "actions" like link, form and note actions work and are persisted

Really Short Term Goals

  • [done] distinguish between edit/play workflow
  • [done] expand the domain specificity, and open page, select tab on click
  • [not needed anymore, increased granularity level] fork/clone page/pane create pseudo domains
  • add snapshot
  • [done] highlight the pane that matches the current tab
  • [done] dim out actions that have no target in the current tab
  • [in progress] Ubiquity command actions (pre LISL idea)
  • make a coherent annotation style
  • [in progress] link back from page to the slidebar
  • [in progress] export/import to HTML RDF/XML
  • proof-of-concept FOAF/twitter based collaboration
  • 2 sample workflows

Long Term Goals

  • REBOOT, rebuilt it from scratch to mach the JetPack reboot
  • Use OpenAnnotations style, to enable collaboration with other tools
  • create a way to have 3rd party actions (sandboxed?)