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  • Goal: Promotion of Hacks.mozilla.org - grow the community around hacks.mozilla.org (followers)
  • How: A campaign around a short video creating a tease for the upcoming hackability articles and additional buzz during the 5 days when the articles are being published
  • Who: Irina (marketing), Tristan (for the story) and Paul
  • The idea would be to publish an exciting video about hacking Mozilla which will be used as a tease and for promotion after the first articles have been published. To promote "Mozilla hackability on hacks.m.o"
  • The Campaign - we need to define
    • Messaging
      • main idea
      • angle (how to talk about the main idea)
      • keywords
      • title and/or slogan
    • how to promote
      • a short video
      • a story
    • identifying the risks
      • hack vs. pirate
      • could be disturbing for normal users
    • title and/or slogan and the URL
    • where to publish
      • nextweekon.hacks.mozilla.org
      • or a simple blog post on hacks.m.o
    • how to spread the video
      • dailymotion, youtube, twitter, digg, our own blogs, facebook, ...
    • define the schedule
    • additional buzz during the 5Days
    • find some video experts (shoot & edit) - MozEu know some nice guys (need a budget)

Current status

It's still a project, not validated.

  • We work with the OzProd company: they ask for 3.000 euros
  • The content of the video:
  • OzProd is going to propose us some scripts