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Jan Odvarko, Sebastian Zartner, Jakob Kaltenbrunner, Florent Fayolle, Simon Lindholm, Steven Roussey

Meeting Agenda:

JSD2 Adoption

  • JimB working on introductionType
    • Bug 982153 - Wrong stack frame lines for scripts dynamically injected using <script> element
  • Honza: testing the patch and already making changes in Firebug code base.
  • Honza: merge issue7097 into jsd2
  • newFunction displayURL is asynchronous
    • ** Bug 981987 - displayURL is not available within Debugger.onNewScript hook for new Function scripts
  • JSD1 will be removed in Firefox 31
  • 7181: Error breakpoint can't be set
    • Firebug needs modifications
    • Honza: file a bug
  • Honza: create an issue for:
    • JSD1 being deprecated (Firebug should disable the warning message for Firefox 29 and 30)
    • JSD1 going to be removed (Firebug 1.12 should display a message)
  • Issue 7044: Source lines in console should be shown even when Script panel is disabled
    • Honza: fix this, use the source cache
  • Issue 6830: Evaluated expressions should be listed in the Script panel
    • Simon put analyses into the issue report, so anyone can understand why we need UI-less support (e.g. why we need it for the backend).

Firebug 2.0 alpha 1

  • Do Firebug 2.0 alpha 1 release in 3 weeks
  • Honza: do blogging, new features, asking for feedback
  • Honza: hint on AMO, use the 2.0 alpha
  • Get 2.0 on AMO soon (as beta 1), to get feedback from beta testers
  • Final Firebug 2.0 should be out in 2 months (latest is when Firefox 31 is released)

JSD2 FBTests

  • Still the top priority
  • Investigate random failures, find STRs
  • Investigate failures related to Firebug
  • Make FBTest API more solid

JSD2 FBTest Failures

  • console/api/trace.js
  • console/api/exception.js
  • console/api/error.js
  • console/api/assert.js
  • console/4658/issue4658.js
    • Honza: analyze and fix all (related to dynamic scripts + tracing)
  • console/6546/issue6546.js
    • Sebastian: fix this
    • Might be just disabled
  • console/breakOnError/breakOnError.js
    • Florent: fix this
  • firebug/4040/issue4040.js
    • Sebastian: analyze
    • Might be just disabled
  • commandLine/5873/issue5873.js
    • Needs instructions
    • Needs refactoring? (should be a lot simpler)
    • Let's all take a quick look and discuss the next time