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Identity Management

  • logging in to services
  • smarter/auto form fill

Task Aware Browsing

  • navigating through your tabs in a task-based manner
  • understanding and optimizing for the task at hand
  • Ubiquity Uplift

Navigation by Metadata

  • where links came from
  • navigate by tag / date / source
  • navigate by visual indication as opposed to just titles and URLs

Creating Content

  • sending files
  • sending rich data

Knowing The User

  • understanding usage patterns to predict future behaviour
  • page navigation flows
  • understanding optimal preferences based on usage
  • offering add-ons based on usage

Web Application Support

  • allowing web applications to look and feel more like applications
  • giving web pages/plugins state & context information
    • e.g. "Which tab is making noise", "Am I focused"?
  • offline web apps
  • Prism Uplift

Removing Web Annoyances / Implementation Design

  • pop under windows
  • security UI
  • status bar showing exactly which servers are being contacted instead of just saying "fetching images" or whatever


  • actual performance on common tasks (start, navigate, save)
  • perceived performance
    • animations (incl. tab tearoff, find in page)
    • scrolling models
    • speculative parsing

Look of the Browser

  • OS specific / native
  • move away from CERN era design

Getting out of the user's way

  • reduce modal dialogs (esp. at open and close)
    • moving notifications to smaller, more sublte approaches
  • reduce questions that users can't answer
  • assume the middle step where possible (eg: back to a redirect page)


  • clean up and simplification
    • themes
    • add-ons