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Firefox OS v1.4 Dashboard

Firefox OS v1.3 blockers

  • Firefox OS v1.3 blockers - Consider the performance of one single Wiki page with Bugzilla integration, I move all the statistics for 1.3 blockers to another page.

Firefox OS v1.4 blockers

Opened v1.4 blockers

Opened v1.4 Blockers

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Opened Regression Blockers

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User Stories

This section contains the bug status of user story bugs. Bugs that contains "1.4" and "ucid" keywords in the whiteboard field are included.

Sprint Status

This section represents the bug status for sprints. Only bugs that have 1.4 milestones marked are included in this report.

Feature Implementation

Sprint 1 (02/03 ~ 02/14)

Full Query
ID Assigned to Summary Whiteboard Status
812394 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) Security Vulnerability : rilproxy socket has world-wide writable permission [systemsfe] RESOLVED
837251 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Compose textarea doesn't occupy available screen space or show bounding box (leading to users thinking messages are truncated) ux-tracking RESOLVED
843857 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) Fix connection error handling in UnixSocket [systemsfe][p=8] RESOLVED
848004 Michael Wu [:mwu] [System] if the system fails to set the time, the default time should be set to the build time RESOLVED
903253 John Hu [:johnhu][:johu][:醬糊小弟] [Gaia][Video] Video application: handle data transfer [FT:RIL] sharing video/audio/image [fxos:media] RESOLVED
904332 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Cold launch splash need to predictable to 3rd-party app developers [ucid:SystemPlatform41, 1.4, ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
905568 Edgar Chen [:edgar] B2G RIL: Handling data connection in a separated module RESOLVED
906226 Reuben Morais [:reuben] Contacts: Move shared test code into a common file [qa-], [systemsfe] RESOLVED
909542 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera Control API clean-up/streamline [fxos:media] RESOLVED
913409 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Buri][Language][Clock]Some contents can't refresh in editing screen when switch language [p=0] VERIFIED
919590 Sotaro Ikeda [:sotaro] H.264 video playback stop on nexus4 soon after starting playback RESOLVED
921723 Evan Tseng [:evanxd] Sync progress indicator persists onto day view [priority][p=2] VERIFIED
923038 Ivan Tsay (:ITsay) [Meta][User Story] Record video clip from standard API (OmxEncoder + MP4) for Camera / Camcorder [ucid:multimedia3, 1.4, ft:multimedia-platform][NPOTB] VERIFIED
923449 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas [User Story] Single variant: Network Display Indicator customization by SIM [ucid:System97, systemsfe][systemsfe] VERIFIED
923455 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas [User Story] Single variant: Predictive text configurable by SIM [ucid:System95, systemsfe][systemsfe][p:1] VERIFIED
924624 Sam Joch [:samjoch] [User Story] Add edge gestures to FTE tutorial [ucid:System92, ft:systems-fe, 2.0][systemsfe][p=13] RESOLVED
930563 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][L10n][Clock] Chinese Traditional: Highlight date instead of first number displayed LocRun1.3 [p=1] VERIFIED
931457 [SystemPlatform][User Story] Allow gaia developer to build gaia in firefox extension with Web UI [ucid:SystemPlatform21, 1.4, ft:system-platform][NPOTB] RESOLVED
933542 [B2G][1.2][l10n][Keyboard] Slovak keyboard is missing the special characters LocRun1.2 VERIFIED
934916 José Antonio Olivera Ortega [:jaoo] [WAP push][CP] If a CP message is opened, newly coming CP or WAP push messages can still be opened but content is not displayed. [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
935525 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [NFC] Marionette test cases for NFC RESOLVED
938080 Tzu-Lin Huang [:dwi2][:tzhuang] [hamachi][fugu]Bluetooth still work when turn on airplane mode [ETA:2/7] RESOLVED
940808 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) Move first time search engine options loading from browser to FTU [ucid:browser104] [systemsfe] [1.4:p2] RESOLVED
941637 Amir Nissim (:amirn) App icons don't have alt text so screen readers can't read them RESOLVED
942460 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [Contacts] Implement position:sticky for fixed headers [c=handeye p=4 s= u=1.3] [ETA:waiting_for_review] RESOLVED
943104 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Clock][Alarm]App lists Monday as first day of week when choosing days for alarm to go off. [priority][p=5] VERIFIED
945323 Aus Lacroix [:aus] [Download API] Downloaded path isn't honoring download attribute [systemsfe][p=8] RESOLVED
945472 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [Call Log] Implement position:sticky for fixed headers [c=handeye p=2 s= u=1.3] RESOLVED
945481 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [Messages] Implement position:sticky for fixed headers [c=handeye p=2 s= u=1.3] RESOLVED
945630 Vincent Liu[:vliu] Expose a device-depent preference file for loading device specific preference settings. RESOLVED
945777 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Enable position:sticky in gaia [c=handeye p=1 s= u=1.3] RESOLVED
947855 José Antonio Olivera Ortega [:jaoo] Automatic selection of APN relying on the IMSI code in the ICC card [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
948362 John Hu [:johnhu][:johu][:醬糊小弟] [Gaia][Gallery] gallery application: handle data transfer [FT:RIL] sharing video/audio/image [fxos:media] RESOLVED
948363 saminath [Gaia][Music] Music application: handle data transfer [FT:RIL] sharing video/audio/image [fxos:media] RESOLVED
948580 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Email] Send "MAIL FROM" in SMTP probe to validate e-mail address [p=8] RESOLVED
948620 Guillaume Destuynder [:kang] [this account is no longer active] Add env variable to disable sandbox at runtime RESOLVED
949082 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Clock]Alarm set in one language doesn't translate to a different language and time format when language changed within Settings App burirun1.3-1[p=0] VERIFIED
951080 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock] Adjustment for setting a new or editing an alarm [p=1] VERIFIED
951092 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock] Adjust Pause/Cancel buttons size and style in Timer [p=1] VERIFIED
951096 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock] Adjust Stop/Lap buttons size and style in Stopwatch [p=1] VERIFIED
951130 Arnau March [:arnau] ( not working in Firefox OS anymore :( ) Contacts Export view is visually incorrect RESOLVED
951281 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [Download Manager] Allow downloaded files to be shared [systemsfe] RESOLVED
951586 Fernando R. Sela (no CC, needinfo please) [:frsela] [DSDS][STK] Suport multiple cards in system STK code VERIFIED
951774 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [B2G][PUK] "OK" and "Skip buttons appears when entering into "PUK code screen and they covers the screen burirun1.3-1, [systemsfe], [p=5] VERIFIED
951806 Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] upgrading contacts DB to 1.3 takes too long [c=progress p= s= u=1.3] VERIFIED
958200 Diego Marcos [:dmarcos] [Camera] Update Camera app to use new CameraControl API [fxos:media] RESOLVED
958433 Dave Huseby [:huseby] avoid using data url for default bookmark icons, wasting memory [c=memory p= s= u=tarako],[MemShrink:P2] RESOLVED
959053 [settings] add marionette test for battery panel [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
959066 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) hi-res screenshot for getScreenshot API RESOLVED
959715 Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] [B2G][Camera] Pinch to zoom in camera app switches orientation of screen RESOLVED
959800 Michael Henretty [:mikehenrty][:mhenretty] [Offline] mozbrowser iframes don't display correct offline content dogfood1.3 [systemsfe][p=5] VERIFIED
960473 psiddh [Gaia] NFC: readNDEF failed [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
960491 Danny Liang [:dliang] [Flatfish][Build] Add manifest file to support Flatfish device RESOLVED
960611 Wilson Page [:wilsonpage] [Camera] Create mechanism to save/load user settings RESOLVED
960660 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Add icons to places rocketbar results [systemsfe], [p=8] RESOLVED
960705 Gnaneswar [clock][l10n] "Close" button should say "Stop" instead VERIFIED
960706 Ted Clancy [:tedders1] [B2G][Settings] Unable to turn on airplane mode after turning it off [systemsfe] RESOLVED
960759 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock][i18n] All display text and alarm settings should change immediately upon language change [p=0] VERIFIED
960813 Dietrich Ayala (:dietrich) [B2G][Browser][RTSP] Unable to add RTSP bookmark to the "Home screen" burirun1.3-2, 1.3tarakorun2, [systemsfe] RESOLVED
960879 Jim Porter (:squib) [music2] Fix the tabs [fxos:media] RESOLVED
961522 Sebastian Hengst [:aryx] (needinfo on intermittent or backout) [ftu] typos in ftu: "pckodeLabel" should be "spckcodeLabel", "messasges" should be "messages" RESOLVED
961599 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock] Sound selection list laylout offset when select a long list [priority][p=3] VERIFIED
961780 Alexandre Poirot [:ochameau] Handle the conflict between Firefox and b2g "browser" package RESOLVED
961890 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Sora][Clock][Timer] After unlocking screen, it doesn't stay original interface when create timer. [p=3] VERIFIED
962310 Eric Chou [:ericchou] [:echou] Nfc Handover: SendFile BT API crashes [qa-] RESOLVED
962344 Ted Clancy [:tedders1] Log messages in IPDL should contain from/to information; Log message should go to logcat on Gonk devices. [systemsfe] RESOLVED
962377 Jose Manuel Cantera [B2G][Contacts] User is unable to sign out of a gmail account and in to another after importing contacts. burirun1.3-2 RESOLVED
962474 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [Download Manager] Confirmation screen is not displayed after trying delete a file [systemsfe] VERIFIED
962649 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Be nice to the event loop during edge gestures [systemsfe][p=8] RESOLVED
963050 Fernando Campo (:fcampo) [SMS] Subject's line-height in composer is too high VERIFIED
963054 Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] (inactive) [fugu][DSDS] follow-up for radio control: radio of slot 2 is not on even there's a sim card [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
963268 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Optimize snapshot usage RESOLVED
963274 Reuben Morais [:reuben] Make mozContacts.remove accept an ID [systemsfe] RESOLVED
963326 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Clock] Delete button easily selectable while selecting word suggestions when editing an alarm dogfood1.3 [p=1] VERIFIED
963682 Salvador de la Puente González [:salva] [B2G] The user is given a message to input the SIM PIN just after entering the SIM PIN. burirun1.3-2, VERIFIED
963917 David Flanagan [:djf] Gallery app high memory usage during 1st launch [caf priority: p2][c=memory p= s= u=1.3] [CR 611568][ETA: n/a] RESOLVED
964087 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Display the correct name for Nuwa processes RESOLVED
964186 Garner Lee B2G NFC: rename MozNdefRecord to MozNDEFRecord RESOLVED
964188 [Settings] fix main integration jshint [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
964196 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [NFC] Nfcd cannot open wake-lock file RESOLVED
964216 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Use build_stage to build keyboard app RESOLVED
964270 Albert [:albert] [NetworkStats API] Alarms methods do not work when data traffic is disabled RESOLVED
964712 Danny Liang [:dliang] [Flatfish] Font changed after building [Flatfish only] RESOLVED
964724 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) Hide regular Offline Error Screen When Connectivity Resumes - App Foreground and Background [systemsfe] RESOLVED
964755 Tzu-Lin Huang [:dwi2][:tzhuang] Failed to open "Connect with WPS" window if there are any known networks with security WPA/WPA2 [caf priority: p2][CR 606906][FT:RIL][ETA:2/7] RESOLVED
964817 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [Bluetooth] Invoke DBus send operations on I/O thread RESOLVED
964833 Anthony Ricaud (:rik) Entering the edit mode in the Dialer call log is slow [c=effect p= s=2014.02.14 u=] RESOLVED
964927 Russ Nicoletti [:russn] [B2G][Contacts] Changing phone orientation while on crop screen when adding a new contact picture distorts image DUPEME RESOLVED
964974 Edgar Chen [:edgar] [B2G][Airplane mode] Cannot turn on Airplane mode from Notification center during an active call dogfood1.3 [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
965086 Sushil Add support for float source crop in HwcComposer2D. RESOLVED
965305 Albert [:albert] [Cost Control] Resetting wi-fi usage from Cost Control app does not always reset to 0 B [fromAutomation][gaia-ui-test] RESOLVED
965319 Albert [:albert] [NetworkStats API] Alarms are cumulative RESOLVED
965438 Wilson Page [:wilsonpage] [Camera] [Meta] Camera settings and configuration [fxos:media] RESOLVED
965462 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Clock] The hidden delete button covers options in 'New Alarm' page dogfood1.3 [p=3] VERIFIED
965792 Marina Rodríguez [:mai] [Costcontrol] Error on FTE when cardState change RESOLVED
966023 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Clock][Timer] Sounds previews continue to play from the timer "Sound list" when locking the device dogfood1.3 [p=3] VERIFIED
966028 Reuben Morais [:reuben] Localize Firefox OS 1.3 for Brazilian Portuegese [systemsfe] RESOLVED
966215 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Allow make test-integration to run individual files [systemsfe][p=3] RESOLVED
966239 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] Always set GECKO_PATH to default location RESOLVED
966244 Albert [:albert] [NetworkStats API] Alarms are not updated after clearStats RESOLVED
966445 Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] [Contacts] When viewing contact details as an activity (from Messages for example or Rocketbar), launching email activity doesn't work RESOLVED
966571 Michael Henretty [:mikehenrty][:mhenretty] Retry count not shown up in System SIM Dialog [systemsfe][ETA:2/6][p=3], [2.0-flame-test-run-1] RESOLVED
966622 Germán Toro del Valle (:gtorodelvalle) [contacts] import hangs at N-1 of N contacts imported from.vcf file on memory card/sd card burirun1.3-3 VERIFIED
966627 Ethan Tseng [:ethan] Fix typos in ARTSPConnection::receiveRTSPReponse() and ARTSPConnection::postReceiveReponseEvent() RESOLVED
966865 Brendan Dahl [:bdahl] (84 regression triage) Update gaia pdf.js to version 0.8.997 [c=memory p= s= u=1.3] [MemShrink:P1] RESOLVED
966899 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Rocketbar is not enabled after OTA update [mwcdemo2014][systemsfe][p=1] RESOLVED
966900 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Rocketbar Search Results is showing irrelevant browser history results based on search term [mwcdemo2014], [systemsfe], [p=2] RESOLVED
966902 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Rocketbar - Returning to the search bar with a search term present removes the search term RESOLVED
966951 Anthony Ricaud (:rik) "Group Call" is inactive when received call is hung up VERIFIED
967094 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Expose some prefs related to Tiling RESOLVED
967177 Jonathan Kew (:jfkthame) [B2G][l10n][Clock] Bengali: 'Alarm', 'Timer' and 'Stopwatch' font size too small LocRun1.3 VERIFIED
967233 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Override the scrollbarbutton background RESOLVED
967272 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Contacts spends to much time decoding image: Should be using thumbnails [c=effect p= s= u=1.3] RESOLVED
967274 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [Contacts] Background doesn't scroll with the contacts causing expensive over-invalidation [c=handeye p= s=2014.02.14 u=1.3] [ETA=2/7] RESOLVED
967277 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [Contacts] Scrolling the contacts app causes reflow [c=handeye p= s=2014.02.14 u=1.3] [ETA=2/14] RESOLVED
967342 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] Server not found pages have '&f=regular' appended to url [systemsfe] RESOLVED
967480 Jan Jongboom [:janjongboom] (inactive) App open in browser chrome, phone goes to sleep, cannot unlock RESOLVED
967540 Germán Toro del Valle (:gtorodelvalle) [Contacts] Exporting to SD card contacts imported from Gmail with invalid dates never ends VERIFIED
967708 EJ Chen [:eragonj][:小龍哥][Contributor mode on](inactive) [B2G][l10n][Settings] German: "Change PIN" doesn't use localization LocRun1.3 RESOLVED
967878 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) [Messages] Background doesn't scroll with the threads causing expensive over-invalidation [c=handeye p= s=2014.02.14 u=1.3] [ETA=2/7] RESOLVED
968049 Ben Francis [:benfrancis] sometimes starting browser shows "Firefox can't find the file at app://" instead of start page [systemsfe][p=2] RESOLVED
968069 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [B2G][L10n][Gallery] Chinese Traditional: Month in thumbnail mode not localizable LocRun1.3 VERIFIED
968071 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [B2G][L10n][l12y][Gallery][Video] Taken/Shoot Date in image/video info not localizable LocRun1.3 VERIFIED
968090 Henry Chang [:hchang] Flatfish build fail due to Navigator::HasWifiManagerSupport error RESOLVED
968102 Aus Lacroix [:aus] [Gaia][Systems] Bad script load order causes ReferenceError in operator_variant_iccs.js [systemsfe][p=1] RESOLVED
968220 Jan Keromnes [:janx] Add a "Developer HUD" sub-menu in "Developer" to control debug overlays. RESOLVED
968275 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [DBus] Remove tasks from RawDBusConnection RESOLVED
968276 Marina Rodríguez [:mai] 300ms startup time regression in v1.3 branch Usage app [c=progress p= s= u=1.3] [b2gperf_regression] RESOLVED
968311 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Put Content in Gallery App In Scrollable Background [c=handeye p=1 s= u=] RESOLVED
968456 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Put a Scrollable Opaque Background Behind the Music App [c=handeye p=1 s= u=] RESOLVED
968689 Albert [:albert] Netd BandwidthController sets costlyAlert to invalid quota RESOLVED
968713 Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] (inactive) B2G RIL: remove callError message between RadioInterface and ril_worker [p=1] RESOLVED
968716 Hsin-Yi Tsai (away for a while) [:hsinyi] B2G RIL: JavaScript Error: "Unknown rilSuppSvcNotification: null" RESOLVED
968742 Kyle Huey (Exited; not receiving bugmail, old account, do not use) B2G NFC: Assertion failure: !aGCThing, at ../../../gecko/xpcom/base/CycleCollectedJSRuntime.cpp:836 RESOLVED
968778 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [browser] "Cancel" is hard-coded in the dialog appearing when long tapping on a link VERIFIED
968780 Sam Joch [:samjoch] unit tests in b2g before script failed on mac [systemsfe][p=1] RESOLVED
968793 Albert [:albert] [Cost Control] Data Usage is broken RESOLVED
968815 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [SMS] Delete a SMS doesn't refresh the main list so it is outdated VERIFIED
968832 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [Rocketbar] Edit URL implementation [p=2],[systemsfe],system-browser RESOLVED
968852 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] Alarm check sign overlays the notification [p=1] VERIFIED
968868 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [DBus] Move DBusWatcher to RawDBusConnection RESOLVED
968914 Follow-up: Add unit tests for SIM Dialog Retry count [systemsfe][ETA:2/6] RESOLVED
968921 Marco Chen [:mchen] [B2G][Gaia] The 'Play' icon in the status bar disappears when entering the Dialer app RESOLVED
968963 Amir Nissim (:amirn) [] Collection static apps names are not translated LocRun1.3 [systemsfe] RESOLVED
969109 Vicamo Yang [:vicamo][:vyang] Intermittent test_dom_BluetoothManager_enabled.js | got false, expected true | bluetoothManager.enabled | enabledEventReceived | false was false, expected true | Unhandled rejected promise. and a timeout in test_dom_BluetoothManager_adapteradded.js RESOLVED
969136 Garner Lee [B2G][NFC] Handle unformatted NFC Tags in NFC Manager RESOLVED
969193 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [B2G][l10n][Cost Control] The string "OK" is not translated when launching cost control with a locked SIM LocRun1.3 VERIFIED
969217 saminath [Gaia] [NFC] Improvement for the function of sharing of URLs [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
969275 Dimi Lee [:dimi][:dlee] COPY_SEQUENCE_FIELD macro in NetworkUtils.h has coding error RESOLVED
969308 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Do not display marketplace result if local app is installed [systemsfe][p=3 s=2014.02.14] RESOLVED
969314 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [Bluetooth] Merge BluetoothGonkService into BluetoothDBusService RESOLVED
969447 Ben Tian (inactive) Unable to turn bluetooth on after turning it on and off several times [caf priority: p2][CR 610008] RESOLVED
969475 Punam Dahiya [:pdahiya] [Settings] [Sound] - Select Ring tone and Alert tone flow does not work in FxOS Simulator(Firefox Nightly) RESOLVED
969556 Andreas Pehrson [:pehrsons] (back in Aug 2021) [keon] Missing revision breaks v1.3 build RESOLVED
969587 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) Make single variant customization run even when no ICCHelper is available [ucid:browser104] [systemsfe] [1.4:p2] [p=3] [1.4 SP 1 (14feb)] RESOLVED
969591 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Cleanup Thebes Layer if mRegionToDraw is Empty and we still have a buffer allocated [c=memory p= s=2014.08.15 u=] RESOLVED
969642 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas Customize network indicator by SIM displayed in settings -> cellular and data [systemsfe] RESOLVED
969650 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) Move gaia customization sample into gaia repo [systemsfe] [1.4:p2] [p=3] [1.4 SP 1 (14feb)] RESOLVED
969761 David Flanagan [:djf] Camera viewfinder resolution is not the size of the screen [caf priority: p2][CR 580386] RESOLVED
970033 Tetsuharu OHZEKI [:tetsuharu] (UTC+9) Unprefix CSS transform/transition under /b2g RESOLVED
970191 Edgar Chen [:edgar] B2G RIL: follow-up of bug 905568, fail to switch default client of data connection in DSDS. RESOLVED
970212 shawn ku [:sku] B2G Emulator: Enhance GSM/UMTS Signal Strength on Emulator. RESOLVED
970241 Yoshi Cheng-Hao Huang [:allstars.chh][:allstarschh] B2G NFC: Don't enable/disable NFC when nfc.enabled settings changed RESOLVED
970255 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [Download Manager] the notification of a file with special characters not displayed correctly [systemsfe] VERIFIED
970320 Marina Rodríguez [:mai] [Cost Control] Add configuration to provide top-up & check balance in Movistar Uruguay RESOLVED
970323 Marina Rodríguez [:mai] Cost control in the notification panel broken after disabling flight mode VERIFIED
970428 Kartikaya Gupta ( [B2G][Browser] Black and white bar appears on bottom when scrolling or zooming on webpage RESOLVED
971029 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [B2G][FTU] Able to launch card view during FTU [systemsfe] RESOLVED
971162 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][Clock][Alarm] Clock alarm has vibration when alarm vibration is set to off [priority][p=1] VERIFIED
971604 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] Video: make header "month date" localizable in thumbnail mode VERIFIED
971617 James Burke [:jrburke] [Sora]Switching accounts,and select the folder to move the mail,the current account folder list display error. [p=1] RESOLVED
971651 [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré Keyboard Should only send key press events to the webpage that uses the keyboard [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [demo][adv-main30-] RESOLVED
971696 [v1.3][Cost Control] No data usage is available in notification bar or app [fromAutomation][mwcdemo2014] VERIFIED
971761 Anthony Ricaud (:rik) Enable requestWakeLock in DEBUG builds to turn our tests green RESOLVED
971904 Miller Medeiros [:millermedeiros] [B2G][Calendar][1.4] Events longer than one hour do not show correctly in Month and Day view [p=1] VERIFIED
972160 Evan Tseng [:evanxd] Run specific marionette tests for multiple times on Travis [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
972166 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] MemInfo.meminfo() always produce the same result (make test-perf) [c=automation p=1 s= u=] RESOLVED
972318 Andreas Pehrson [:pehrsons] (back in Aug 2021) [peak] Missing revision breaks v1.3 build RESOLVED
972440 Staś Małolepszy :stas Provide average memory measurements [c=automation p= s= u=] RESOLVED
972463 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock] jslintify all the things [p=3] VERIFIED
972774 Wayne Chen [:xwaynec] [b2g][tarako] Typing keyboard continuously will cause that CPU utilization is too high. Then the sound will be choppy and delayed. [u=tarako] RESOLVED
972849 [User Story] Download Manager: Set a downloaded audio file as ringtone [systemsfe] VERIFIED
972854 [User Story] Download Manager: Set a downloaded image file as wallpaper [systemsfe] VERIFIED
973824 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] Memory pressure watcher causes CPU spin RESOLVED

184 Total; 0 Open (0%); 139 Resolved (75.54%); 45 Verified (24.46%);

Sprint 2 (02/17 ~ 02/28)

Full Query
ID Assigned to Summary Whiteboard Status
458300 Reuben Morais [:reuben] deCOMtaminate nsINameSpaceManager: part 2 [systemsfe] RESOLVED
837670 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [Clock] "ready to use" perf measurement [c=automation p= s=2014.02.28 u=][p=1] RESOLVED
840918 Joan Leon [:joan] [Cost Control]Current progress rate in progress bar will be displayed outside. RESOLVED
850996 shawn ku [:sku] B2G Emulator: Add LTE signal report function. RESOLVED
881174 Hsin-Yi Tsai (away for a while) [:hsinyi] B2G CDMA: support conference (3-way) call [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
898949 Shih-Chiang Chien [:schien] (UTC+8) (use ni? plz) [B2G getUserMedia] Display front/back camera list on permission prompt [ft:webrtc] VERIFIED
900429 Edgar Chen [:edgar] (b2g-ril-cdma) Personalization state for CDMA [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
901216 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [l10n.js] make consoleWarn string concatenation-free RESOLVED
903279 JW Wang [:jwwang] [:jw_wang] Keep consuming power when the device is in sleep. [c=power p= u= s=] RESOLVED
913024 Arnau March [:arnau] ( not working in Firefox OS anymore :( ) [Meta] Use Full Line Highlights visual design, visual-tracking, Bokken RESOLVED
916017 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] [Meta][Perf] automatically run make test-perf [c=automation p= s= u=] RESOLVED
916060 Jon Hylands [:jhylands] Each homescreen icon cost ~60K of memory [c=memory p=3 s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2][~60k * icon number] RESOLVED
919977 Steve Chung [:steveck] [User Story][Messages] Support delivery reports [ucid:Comms28, 1.4, ft:comms] RESOLVED
922128 Mike Pennisi [:jugglinmike] [Clock] Defer Panel loading and execution [c=progress p= s=2014.02.28 u=] RESOLVED
923361 Ivan Tsay (:ITsay) [Meta][User Story] getUserMedia API for image/video capture and permission prompt [ucid:WebRTC7, 1.4, ft:multimedia-platform][NPOTB] RESOLVED
923444 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas [User Story] Single variant: Power on operator animation runtime customization by SIM [systemsfe][ucid:System29, systemsfe][p=8] RESOLVED
923446 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas [User Story] Single variant: Power off operator animation runtime customization by SIM [ucid:System98, systemsfe][p=0][systemsfe] RESOLVED
925187 [Media] [Camera][User Story] Add digital zoom capability to the camera RESOLVED
929027 sasikala [Messages][Gallery] The option "Share with: Messages" are missing, when more than one file is selected [mentor=schung][ready-to-land-after-1.4-branching] [m+] RESOLVED
929817 Jose Manuel Cantera [B2G] [1.2] [l10n] [Contacts]: Current location header from Facebook contacts is shown in English on every language LocRun1.2 RESOLVED
932270 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [B2G][L10n] AM/PM should be also localizable LocRun1.3 RESOLVED
936416 Dave Hunt [:davehunt] [he/him] ⌚GMT Re-enable the mozperftest jobs [c=automation p= s= u=] RESOLVED
936941 [Download Manager] Need assets for the download list [systemsfe] RESOLVED
939186 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) assert.noReflow [c=automation p= s= u=] RESOLVED
939809 Aus Lacroix [:aus] [User Story] Update Task Manager to Match Edge Gesture Navigation [ucid:System111, 1.4:P2, ft:systems-fe][systemsfe][p=5] VERIFIED
940082 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [WebComponents] Find other hooks for current polyfill [c= p= s=2014.02.28 u=] RESOLVED
941655 Borja Salguero [:borjasalguero] [Download Manager] Update time strings within download list [systemsfe] RESOLVED
945278 Jed Parsons (use needinfo, please) [:jedp, :jparsons] Notify about 'getAssertion' errors RESOLVED
946241 Solomon Chiu [:schiu] [Camera][gonk-kk] Porting GonkCameraHwMgr [CR 608289] RESOLVED
946255 Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [gonk-kk] Add mako device RESOLVED
946531 [B2G][Contacts] An infinite spinner will occur when performing a search on a large number of contacts [c=progress p= s=2014.02.28 u=] dogfood1.2 RESOLVED
947180 Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] [DSDS][Message] Message notification informs of SIM [ucid:, 1.4, ft:comms] VERIFIED
947220 Fernando R. Sela (no CC, needinfo please) [:frsela] [DSDS][STK] Show STK app icons [ucid:, 1.4, ft:comms] RESOLVED
947442 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Perf test should fail if it didn't collect perf data [c=automation p=2 s= u=] RESOLVED
947617 Jon Hylands [:jhylands] Clock app consuming too much power [c=power p=2 s= u=] RESOLVED
948493 Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] [SMS] message input box is really laggy when receiving focus [c=effect p= s= u=] RESOLVED
951764 Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] [LTE] Add bearer data to APN settings [ucid:LTE1, 1.4, FT:RIL],[dependency:Marketplace] RESOLVED
952026 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas [B2G] [RIL] [User story] Single Variant: Set commercial name used for a specific network mode technology [ucid:LTE2, 1.4, FT:RIL][systemsfe],[dependency:Marketplace] VERIFIED
952695 Aus Lacroix [:aus] [Download Manager] Download manager keeps trying to download webapp on every reboot. [systemsfe][p=5] RESOLVED
953277 James Burke [:jrburke] Tap 'inbox' with Google Mail account causes all of the emails to be listed twice [p=1] VERIFIED
955987 Vincent Lin[:vilin] [Touch Caret] Gesture detection of TouchCaret RESOLVED
956319 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [Homescreen] Short, high velocity swipes should move to next view [systemsfe] VERIFIED
956642 EJ Chen [:eragonj][:小龍哥][Contributor mode on](inactive) [Settings] add marionette for language change [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
957100 (Inactive after June) George Duan [:gduan] [:喬智] [Settings] add marionette for b2g-improve and feedback page [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
958733 Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] [cdma][supplementary services] GSM SS are being initiated when acquired on CDMA network VERIFIED
959327 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Update tests are not running by default on the emulator RESOLVED
959414 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [B2G][Contacts] Cancelling out of editing or Updating a contact after importing displays broken UI VERIFIED
959490 Randy Lin [:rlin] - Be Mozillian on 2015/01/26 [MediaEncoder] Support *.3gp with AMR-NB audio format on certificated application [ft:multimedia-platform] [m+] RESOLVED
959505 Solomon Chiu [:schiu] [Display][gonk-kk] Porting GonkNativeWindowClient, GonkBufferQueue, and FakeSurfaceComposer [caf priority: p3][CR 608289] RESOLVED
959591 Dave Hylands [:dhylands] Provide some ability to map sdcard to local directory with desktopb2g [fxos:media] RESOLVED
959857 [meta] IPv6 features for 1.4 [m+] RESOLVED
960119 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Make local tests the same as travis tests [systemsfe][p=8] RESOLVED
960215 John Hu [:johnhu][:johu][:醬糊小弟] [B2G][Messages] Image-attachment does not fill the screen in landscape orientation RESOLVED
960325 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Move Background into Homescreen App [c=handeye p=4 s= u=] RESOLVED
960486 Danny Liang [:dliang] [Flatfish][Build] Add support to Flatfish device in RESOLVED
960667 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] [B2G][FTE] Outlook icon is showing up briefly when tapping on email field in the Facebook log in screen RESOLVED
960865 Jessica Jong [:jessica] (inactive) B2G RIL: support dun apn type [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
961571 Edgar Chen [:edgar] B2G RIL: support ims apn type [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
961574 Steve Chung [:steveck] [Gaia][Messages] Display sent timestamp in received message report RESOLVED
961598 John Shih [Gonk-KK] The DNS Resolver from Bionic's netBSD is not workable on Nexus-5. [caf priority: p2][CR 613692] RESOLVED
961950 Steve Chung [:steveck] [Sora][Message]The "message setting" menu should in "Messages"main screen. RESOLVED
961963 Solomon Chiu [:schiu] [Nexus 5] [gonk-kk] Black screen when scrolling the screen in the apps ETA: 2/27 RESOLVED
961984 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] Music shall handle play-pause avrcp key event if music launches at the first time VERIFIED
962040 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Running make test-perf times out when run in Jenkins [c=automation p=3 s= u=] RESOLVED
962328 Borja Salguero [:borjasalguero] [B2G][SMS] The keyboard does not automatically appear when composing a new SMS burirun1.3-2 RESOLVED
962352 (inactive after 6/18) Alive Kuo [:alive] [Sora][Message]MS prompt new message edit interface by tap home key. RESOLVED
962355 Aus Lacroix [:aus] Edge gestures do not work after selecting in task manager [systemsfe][mwcdemo2014][p=1] RESOLVED
962987 Ting-Yu Chou [:ting] (away) [tarako] Move screenshoting to before closing animation and use cache in cardview if there is [c=progress p= s=2014.02.28 u=] RESOLVED
963225 José Antonio Olivera Ortega [:jaoo] JavascriptException: TypeError: this._iccCard is null RESOLVED
963290 Kyle Huey (Exited; not receiving bugmail, old account, do not use) [B2G][Browser]Lots of leaked content parents [c=memory p= s=2014.02.28 u=1.3] dogfood1.3 [MemShrink:P1] RESOLVED
963445 Tom Jao [:mbrsl] [UITest][API] refactor tests using Building Blocks RESOLVED
964180 Arthur Chen [:arthurcc][inactive after 6/30] [Settings] Using AMD modules for Module separation [ft:system-platform][in-bubble-tea] RESOLVED
964342 Paul [:pmac] McLanahan Followup to 949170: Basket needs language information VERIFIED
964739 Jan Jongboom [:janjongboom] (inactive) [Keyboard][V1.4] Keyboard UI is broken while you rotate the device then switch keyboard [FT:System-Platform] VERIFIED
964970 Hubert Figuiere [:hub] Doc: make test-perf: how to write tests [c= p=1 s= u=] RESOLVED
965346 Ted Clancy [:tedders1] When toggling airplane mode multiple times, Gaia doesn't send SetRadioEnabled true so the phone is stuck in the radio off state and UI is messed up. [caf priority: p2][CR 608234][systemsfe][ETA:2/13][p=3] VERIFIED
965389 Botond Ballo [:botond] Going back to main gallery page after viewing a picture's detail view results in a black screen (with GUI still visible.) burirun1.3-3 VERIFIED
965425 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) [Madai][Camera][Gecko] Expose ISO settings ETA 3/7 RESOLVED
965533 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) [Camera][Gecko] Zoom attribute on CameraControl is just broken [fxos:media] RESOLVED
965853 Anthony Ricaud (:rik) Display SIM indication in missed call notification RESOLVED
965945 Kartikaya Gupta ( [B2G][Browser] Accessing files on causes the phone to oom and restart [c=memory p= s= u=1.3] dogfood1.3 RESOLVED
966027 Aus Lacroix [:aus] [B2G][Gaia][Homescreen][] Occasionally the bar will show a blank search result when nothing has been entered in to the search bar dogfood1.3 [mwcdemo2014][systemsfe][eta:2/19][p=13] RESOLVED
966137 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) Reenable places favicon test [systemsfe] RESOLVED
966141 Reuben Morais [:reuben] DownloadsAPI.jsm doesn't validate message names (leads to privilege escalation) [systemsfe][adv-main30-] RESOLVED
966566 [B2G][Dialer] Loading stays at 60% in the call log loading all past calls for an extended period (around 10 minutes) [c=progress p= s=2014.02.28 u=1.3] dogfood1.3 RESOLVED
966586 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [b2g] 100ms datazilla regression on Jan 31 (Rocketbar) [b2gperf_regression][c=progress p= s= u=][systemsfe] RESOLVED
967119 Reuben Morais [:reuben] Hold a wake lock while the contacts DB upgrade is running [c=progress p= s= u=], [systemsfe] RESOLVED
968092 José Antonio Olivera Ortega [:jaoo] APN Settings: parse apn type 'dun' and 'ims' from apn.json database [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
968478 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Put Scrollable Opaque Background Behind Calendar App [c=handeye p=1 s= u=] VERIFIED
968550 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [B2G][Settings][FDN] After adding a number to FDN and entering the wrong SIM2 pin the "The PIN2 code is incorrect." message does not appear. LocRun1.3, [systemsfe] VERIFIED
968679 [settings] add marionette test for Sound panel [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
968681 Arthur Chen [:arthurcc][inactive after 6/30] [settings] add marionette test for Display panel [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
968682 [settings] add marionette test for Notifications panel [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
968686 [settings] add marionette test for Date & Time panel [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
968692 EJ Chen [:eragonj][:小龍哥][Contributor mode on](inactive) [settings] add marionette test for Screen lock panel [ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
969040 Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-6⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ seccomp sandboxing doesn't affect non-main threads already started RESOLVED
969218 Szu-Yu Chen [:aknow] (inactive) B2G RIL: using promise for telephony.dial() and dialEmergency() RESOLVED
969265 [Settings][meta] marionette tests and panel refactor for 1.4 [ucid:SystemPlatform30, 1.4, ft:system-platform] RESOLVED
969280 Anthony Ricaud (:rik) [Dialer] dialer app modification according to Telephony API change, i.e. dial() returning a Promise RESOLVED
969293 Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] [FTE] In FTE, when PIN is inserted, I can't see "Cellular data" screen instead i see "Select a network" screen VERIFIED
969298 José Antonio Olivera Ortega [:jaoo] [Gaia] Need to add setting menus for 'dun' and 'ims' apn types [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
970183 StevenLee[:slee] [B2G getUserMedia] Camera always callback landscape frames [ft:webrtc] RESOLVED
970225 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [Download Manager] Confirmation screen is displayed once for each selected file [systemsfe] VERIFIED
970267 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [Download Manager] confirmation screen is displayed twice when we try remove a not supported file [systemsfe] VERIFIED
970284 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Render wallpaper in system app only while homescreen is not loaded yet. [c=handeye p=3 s=2014.02.28 u=] RESOLVED
970290 Kan-Ru Chen [:kanru] (UTC+9) Intermittent | test_browserElement_NoPref.html | Should not send mozbrowserloadstart event. RESOLVED
970340 Ted Clancy [:tedders1] [Downloads API] A file with a size >1GB is not displayed successfully [systemsfe][p=1] VERIFIED
970360 Ben Kelly [:bkelly, not reviewing] [gaia-ui-endurance] Increase in b2g memory consumption during add_contacts test [c=memory p=3 s= u=][MemShrink:P1] RESOLVED
970377 Rick Waldron [:rwaldron] [Messages][Drafts] Drafts are kept forever RESOLVED
970676 Jed Davis [:jld] ⟨⏰|UTC-6⟩ ⟦he/him⟧ bionic doesn't setuid() on threads RESOLVED
970832 Alexandre LISSY :gerard-majax [Contacts] Photos of Contacts aren't imported to device [systemsfe] [p=3] VERIFIED
970835 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [Contacts] The selection of contacts is slow AND scroll too when there are a lot of contacts to import [c=progress p= s= u=] VERIFIED
970929 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas Customize network indicator by SIM displayed in Settings -> Cellular & Data -> Network operator -> Network Type [systemsfe] RESOLVED
971268 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon [B2G][Rocketbar][] When searching for apps via Rocketbar apps will be opened with the browser wrapper preventing from saving to the homescreen [systemsfe] VERIFIED
971371 Kyle Machulis [:qdot] [:kmachulis] (INACTIVE) Remove all test/integration directories in gaia apps [systemsfe] [p=1] [1.4 SP 1 (14feb)] RESOLVED
971416 Add device storage tests for multiple storage areas [fxos-media] RESOLVED
971615 Alan Huang Implement "storageStatus" API for device storage to report volume status RESOLVED
971639 Alfredo Yang (:alfredo) [MediaEncoder] Support fragment 3GP format [ft:multimedia-platform][m+] RESOLVED
971654 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Black area not covered by lock screen background at the bottom for non HVGA phones [mwcdemo2014] RESOLVED
972060 Jose Manuel Cantera [B2G][Dialer][Contacts] Imported Facebook contact does not show existing phone number when adding information via Dialer app burirun1.3-3 RESOLVED
972150 EJ Chen [:eragonj][:小龍哥][Contributor mode on](inactive) [DSDS][Gaia][Sim Manager] support always ask feature RESOLVED
972253 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [Bluetooth] Move content of DBusThread.{cpp,h} to BT RESOLVED
972277 Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) Status bar is gone for lock screen if full screen app is foreground [systemsfe] RESOLVED
972316 Move inline scripts and styles into separate file for b2g/chrome/content/shell.html [][lang=html][good first bug][lang=js] RESOLVED
972514 Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [B2G][Email] ActiveSync message state changes from server not synchronized error "Failed to parse a message: Error: Bad body type: undefined" thrown [p=2][burirun1.3-3] VERIFIED
972536 Dave Huseby [:huseby] add handy tool for gathering USS memory data for a process over time [c=memory p=1 s= u=] RESOLVED
972666 Miller Medeiros [:millermedeiros] [Calendar] lines over events longer than 2 hours [p=5] VERIFIED
972788 Yoshi Cheng-Hao Huang [:allstars.chh][:allstarschh] [NFC] After reading a NFC tag with URL data, browser should be launched and then connect to that URL. RESOLVED
973156 Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [Sora][music player][FM]status of music player is wrong RESOLVED
973607 Joan Leon [:joan] [Notifications][Cost control] The arrow shouldn't be behind the graph RESOLVED
973648 Arnau March [:arnau] ( not working in Firefox OS anymore :( ) in the input area building block allow to create a reset button by style RESOLVED
973661 Francisco Jordano [:arcturus] [:francisco] [FTE] In FTE, when skipping PIN screen, there is no option to get that screen again when pressing back VERIFIED
973771 Edgar Chen [:edgar] B2G RIL: Preferred Network types for LTE RESOLVED
973787 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [Gaia] SD card formatting: reword warning message VERIFIED
973790 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) [B2G][Camera] Black screen while user switch camera mode. VERIFIED
973832 Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [gonk-kk] wifi can't connect to AP successfully RESOLVED
973842 Jessica Jong [:jessica] (inactive) support adding routes in secondary routing tables RESOLVED
973850 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) Images are not displayed anymore in link view VERIFIED
973853 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) Images are not displayed the second time in link and import views RESOLVED
973864 Amir Nissim (:amirn) [] Set Collection background image as wallpaper only works on first tap RESOLVED
974046 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [Messages] Carrier tag bar width no longer 100% RESOLVED
974081 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Scrolling w/ the SMS App is Choppy and Checkerboards [c=handeye p=4 s= u=1.4] RESOLVED
974120 Kyle Huey (Exited; not receiving bugmail, old account, do not use) Add helpers for using MaybeResolve/Reject from C++ [qa-] RESOLVED
974163 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon Turn off rocketbar by default in 1.4 build time [systemsfe] RESOLVED
974211 Michael Henretty [:mikehenrty][:mhenretty] [B2G] [Dialer] Group call phone numbers are truncated burirun1.3-3, [systemsfe][p=3] VERIFIED
974246 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Find file in build_stage if it doesn't exist in app directory RESOLVED
974260 Vicamo Yang [:vicamo][:vyang] potential xpcshell errors in test_ril_worker_icc.js when RILQUIRKS_V5_LEGACY is set to true RESOLVED
974261 Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) Volume buttons stucks VERIFIED
974292 James Burke [:jrburke] [Email][V1.3&V1.4] Tapping the "Done" button of mail settings page redirects to a blank page [ft:productivity][p=1] VERIFIED
974361 Staś Małolepszy :stas Memory average assumes the array of measurements always exists [c=automation p= s=2014.02.28 u=] RESOLVED
974410 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] Add helper classes for I/O watchers RESOLVED
974495 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) crash in mozalloc_abort(char const*) | abort | mozilla::DOMCameraControlListener::DOMCallback::Run() [b2g-crash] VERIFIED
974558 Michael Henretty [:mikehenrty][:mhenretty] [B2G][Notifications]Unable to scroll through notifications [systemsfe][p=1] RESOLVED
974580 Hsin-Yi Tsai (away for a while) [:hsinyi] Intermittent test_dsds_default_service_id.js | TimeoutException: TimeoutException: Connection timed out RESOLVED
974646 Jose Manuel Cantera [B2G][Contacts] Linking a Facebook contact to existing contact shows local image on contacts list, but Facebook picture in contact details VERIFIED
974855 Camera app crashes when misdetecting requested picture size RESOLVED
974897 Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) |make test-integration APP=< . . . >| doesn't run because it doesn't generate a good profile [systemsfe], [p=3] RESOLVED
975018 Marina Rodríguez [:mai] [B2G][Cost Control] Tap to track your internet usage in the notification bar is not functioning dogfood1.4 VERIFIED
975292 EJ Chen [:eragonj][:小龍哥][Contributor mode on](inactive) [DSDS] "SIM 01" and "SIM 11" names are used in PIN changed successful toast messages instead of "SIM 1" and "SIM 2". dsdsrun1.4 VERIFIED
975298 Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [email/backend] intermittent GELAM test failure for POP3 in test_account_bad_password_error [p=1] RESOLVED
975356 Bevis Tseng[:bevis][:btseng](Exited) [DSDS][RIL] iccId is not correctly set on the message received from SystemMessenger RESOLVED
975434 Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] Remove the ability to cancel memory minimizations RESOLVED
975453 Diego Marcos [:dmarcos] [B2G][Camera]Unable to stop recording video when quickly switching to camera mode after pressing record dogfood1.4 RESOLVED
975472 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) [B2G][Camera] crash in mozalloc_abort(char const*) | abort | nsAString_internal::Assign(nsAString_internal const&) [caf priority: p3]dogfood1.4 [b2g-crash] [cr 612941] RESOLVED
975540 [B2G][Camera] Attaching an image to an SMS by selecting camera, then switching to gallery, then back to camera results in a black camera screen dogfood1.4 RESOLVED
975654 Marcus Cavanaugh [:mcav] [B2G][l10n][Email] Disabling IMAP on a Gmail account exposes user to old UI which is globally not translated locrun1.3 [p=3] VERIFIED
975697 Wilson Page [:wilsonpage] Camera autofocus is not respected anymore RESOLVED
975811 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Background position in homescreen is not correct [c=handeye p=1 s= u=] RESOLVED
975813 Chuck Lee [:chucklee, Triggered by NI, Review, and Feedback requests] [IPv6] To support IPv6 in network manager. [FT:RIL] RESOLVED
975834 Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) homescreen bookmarks do not work for URLs ending in a file RESOLVED
975850 Aus Lacroix [:aus] cannot enter card view from homescreen [systemsfe][p=3] VERIFIED
975964 [Meta] App-makefile refactoring on gaia build system [ucid, 1.4, FT:System-Platform] RESOLVED
975974 Jerry Shih[:jerry] (UTC+8) (inactive) [Flatfish] Cannot boot up successfully and screen is black RESOLVED
976032 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) Camera Application Crash if focus mode is set to continuous-picture in re factored code RESOLVED
976152 Gareth Aye [:gaye] (back from PTO) Move test-agent off of npm [p=3] RESOLVED
976275 Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] PhoneNumberJS: update metadata [systemsfe][p=1] RESOLVED
976299 Mason Chang [Inactive] [:mchang] Settings Regions That are TranslateX out of view take up an extra layer [c=handeye p=3 s= u=1.4] RESOLVED
976416 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [FDN] Add "+" character to the keypad when entering numbers in FDN list VERIFIED
976452 Henry Chang [:hchang] Missing implementation of nsIWifi::getWifiScanResults RESOLVED
976455 Henry Chang [:hchang] Enabling wifi debug log breaks wifi due to the undefined |p2pManager| RESOLVED
976537 Douglas Crosher [:dougc] Crash in NFC shutdown. RESOLVED
976540 [User Story] Download Manager: Share a downloaded file with other applications [systemsfe] VERIFIED
976546 Kevin Grandon :kgrandon User should not be able to pull down utility tray before unlock [systemsfe] RESOLVED
976628 Wilson Page [:wilsonpage] [B2G][Camera]Videos recorded after quickly pressing stop then record do not play when viewing them from the filmstrip RESOLVED
976663 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [B2G][l10n][Contacts][All languages] Number Label name of Suggested Contacts to merge is not translated locrun1.3 VERIFIED
976665 Joan Leon [:joan] [B2G][Cost Control] Data Usage app has UI issue where white line is shown at bottom of screen RESOLVED
976791 Reuben Morais [:reuben] [B2G][Keyboard] Portuguese: '#' not available on the Portuguese keyboard LocRun1.3, [systemsfe] RESOLVED
976839 Michael Vines [:m1] [:evilmachines] GonkPermissionService: Grant AID_RADIO access to android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS [caf priority: p2][cr 613691] RESOLVED
976944 Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [gonk-kk] Wifi hotspot doesn't work RESOLVED
976951 Carmen Jimenez Cabezas Customize network indicator by SIM displayed in quick settings [systemsfe] RESOLVED
976959 Edgar Chen [:edgar] [B2G] Change the netmask to prefix length for supporting IPv6 RESOLVED
976966 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] Make AM/PM localizable and let locales change its position in time displayed on lock screen VERIFIED
977208 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) The top level layer has a strange height RESOLVED
977209 Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun) (:21) - (NOT reading bugmails, needinfo? please) Map a preference to a Gaia setting to enable dumping the layers tree RESOLVED
977215 [B2G][Homescreen] Icons become unresponsive and only the Marketplace app can be opened VERIFIED
977313 Mike Habicher [:mikeh] (high bugzilla latency) [Camera] Expose "Started" and "Stopped" recording states RESOLVED
977399 Marina Rodríguez [:mai] [B2G][Cost Control] 'Reset report' picker cannot be changed after data reset. RESOLVED
977469 Dimi Lee [:dimi][:dlee] When USB/Wifi Tethering are both enabled, disable one of them will also disable IP forwarding VERIFIED
977479 Dimi Lee [:dimi][:dlee] updateUpStream function in NetworkService.js doesn't work RESOLVED
977597 Fernando Jiménez Moreno [:ferjm] Use FxA production server URI RESOLVED
977619 Francesco Lodolo [:flod] [Dialer] Wrong l10n-id used in oncall.html (select-audio-source) RESOLVED
977627 Fabien Cazenave [:kaze] [Download Manager] Files delete notification lacks plural support [systemsfe] RESOLVED
977672 Thomas Zimmermann [:tzimmermann] [:tdz] [I/O] Cleanup UnixSocket.{cpp,h} RESOLVED
978005 Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [email] Fix usage of Bareword DOM constructors TextDecoder and TextEncoder [p=0.5] RESOLVED
978012 Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [email] Remove dead/obsolete GELAM-built JS blobs and fix GELAM to clean out ext/ before installing [p=0.5] RESOLVED

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