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  • Goal: To establish Mozilla as the leading publicly supported charity building and protecting the open Internet
  • Description: Mozilla fundraising and engagement realizes the Mozilla mission by engaging external and internal stakeholders in Mozilla's cause through philanthropy.
  • Target Audience: New Mozilla community members, current community members, new and current Mozilla donors and outward-facing stakeholders

Explain Mozilla as a cause

  • Activity: Describe and distill what Mozilla does and why it matters in lay language
    • Metric: Create a steering group for development of this new articulation of the Mozilla Message
    • Metric: Mentions of Mozilla as a public benefit organization outside of the Mozilla community
    • Metric: Increased communications bandwidth via increased followers on Facebook groups, twitter accounts, Op-ed pieces in major papers and major blogs, participation Cause-related communities
    • Metric: Executed One Mozilla brand strategy for external audiences
    • Metric: Mozilla community members use new language when describing Mozilla and its mission
  • Activitiy: Create Mozilla mission media monitoring report
    • Metric: Identification of journalists, bloggers, etc interest in the Mozilla mission
    • Metric: Increase in mentions of Mozilla's mission media monitoring
  • Activity: Annual Report (interactive) produced in collaboration with other Mozilla orgs
    • Metric: Donations lift
    • Metric: Mentions of Mozilla as a cause in media, blogs, etc.

Also: integrate this:

  • Activity: Make a top-tier community site.
    • Metric: 80% of content overlaps with and are resolved
    • Metric: 4 projects from community group's content priorities list completed
    • Metric: 5 most important pages localized into native language of 80% of visitors
  • Activity: Help the community transition to an integrated One Mozilla story.
    • Metric: Convene a community group focused on the process of owning and crafting an integrated story
    • Metric: Community style guide finished and progress made on other priorities identified by group

Inspire people to donate to the Mozilla cause

  • Activity: Establish campaigns and ambient pages for donations that support Mozilla's cause
    • Metric: Increased traffic and conversions to donation pages (traffic generated through snippets, MoCo traffic, Care2 list building, social media outreach, etc)
    • Metric: 10,000 people sign-up for both Donor & Drumbeat Newletters
    • Metric: Increased donations for Core and Drumbeat, target $500,000
    • Metric: Integrate with MoCo Marketing for better use of traffic and capture

Protect our public charity status

  • Activity: Resolve issues with the IRS
    • Metric: Raise $125,000.00 through direct donations
    • Metric: Increase Mozilla brand awareness as a public benefit organization through the tools mentioned in objective 1
    • Metric: Governance and reporting for the Mozilla project

2010 Timeline


  • CiviCRM launch/continued hacking
  • Merchandise production
  • Round 1 of Care2 list building
  • Mozilla Movie
  • Drumbeat campaign development
  • Establish communication channels (Core/Drumbeat)
  • Newsletters 1


  • Drumbeat campaign development
  • Newsletters 2
  • 3.7 Parks
  • Begin Mozilla Annual Report process with MoCo
  • Thunderbird Beach


  • Continued CiviCRM hacking
  • Round 2 of Care2 list building
  • Drumbeat campaign development
  • Newsletters 3


  • Holiday campaign
  • Drumbeat campaign development
  • Newsletters 4
  • Firefox 4.0 Parks launch
  • Release Mozilla Annual Report