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Module Name Module Owner Peers
Community Infra Tom Farrow Tanner Filip, Yousef Alam


This module & group supports a set of infrastructure such as automation tooling, monitoring, services & documentation.

This infrastructure is key to Community IT Ops ability to scale services. Currently the infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services. This enables Community IT SysAdmins to build out systems and services quickly without having to worry too much about hardware failures, network problems or failover.


Documentation is currently being created for each project. They will be added here as they are created.


This is a list of services (internal and external) being run by Community IT SysAdmins. Links and documentation will be updated constantly so please use the links to each service page for updated information. As more services come alone this list will populate. To gain access to some of these services you will need approved access by Community IT SysAdmins.


Service Usage Primary Contact Secondary Contacts
AWS New, scalable, sturdy infrastructure jp tad, mrz, tanner, yousef, logan
Plesk Old, shared hosting accounts. tad tanner, xionox, w0ts0n (OVH management)
OVH VPS/Dedis Given direct to community members xionox (billing and account management) tad (support)


Tool Usage Primary Contact Secondary Contacts
Pingdom Uptime and latency monitoring mrz tad, logan, tanner, yousef
VictorOps Incident Escalation and notifications tanner mrz, tad, logan, yousef, pancakes, dumitru
Cloudwatch Top Level Monitoring of AWS Same as AWS Same as AWS
StatusHub Dashboard mrz tad, logan, tanner, yousef
New Relic Application Monitoring jp tad, tanner, logan, yousef, mrz