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Add a testcase to an existing testgroup and subgroup



<name>1.5 Basic Functional Tests (BFTs)</name>
<branch>1.5 Branch</branch>




<name>Verify Top Extension : Adblock</name>


<details>Background explanatory text (if necessary)</details>

 <li>From the Main menu, open Tools | Extensions. Then click the "Get More Extensions" link.</li>
 <li>Navigate through and select the Adblock extension for installation. Click the appropriate "Install" link which points to an .xpi file.</li>
 <li>I the dialog titled "Software Installation", click the Install Now button</li>
 <li>Restart Firefox</li>
 <li>Check to make sure the Adblock works by blocking an advertisement. (context click the ad to discover adblocks menu items)</li>
 <li>Reload the page</li>

<expected_results>Adblock should be installed and active (if it is compatible with this version of Firefox). Adblock should blank the advertisement.</expected_results>