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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.

This is a list/explanation of status values used with webapps (courtesy of robhudson and eviljeff).

legend: STATUS / User facing status

NULL / Incomplete

  • Used while the app submission is in progress
  • Detail page not accessible
  • Not searchable
  • Not installable

PENDING / Pending approval

  • Detail page accessible
  • Only installable by developer
  • Not searchable

PUBLIC / Published

  • Detail page accessible
  • Installable by all

APPROVED / Approved but private

  • Detail page accessible by developer/admin
  • Only installable by dev
  • Not searchable

UNLISTED / Unlisted

  • Detail accessible (to all)
  • Installable (by all)
  • Not searchable

REJECTED / Rejected

  • Detail page only accessible to developer/admin
  • Only installable by dev
  • Not searchable

DISABLED / Banned from Marketplace

  • Formally called Disabled by Mozilla but changed to be unambiguous c.f. developer disabled (see below).
  • Used for problem apps where we don't want a resubmission or new version.
  • Detail page inaccessible
  • Not installable
  • Not searchable

DELETED / Deleted

  • irreversible soft delete
  • slug gets changed to app's pk so its accessible by admin/reviewer tools for audit
  • origin is cleared

BLOCKED / Blocked

  • As rejected (iirc) but an empty update has been served to existing users to block a malicious/completely broken app

pseudo-state: .disabled

  • Not an app status, it's a boolean that can co-exist with any status above.
  • Developer sets this state explicitly (and can unset it)
  • Detail page inaccessible
  • Not searchable
  • No checking for manifest changes in hosted apps.
  • Doesn't appear in any review queues (i.e. a pending submission doesn't appear in the review queue)

File statuses

  • as app statuses except DISABLED user facing name is Obsolete and is used for any non pending, non-approved file