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The Marketplace has been placed into maintenance mode. It is no longer under active development. You can read complete details here.


  • Stage:
    • site:
    • app: (hidden app)
    • payment via: Bango; All charges are real!
    • when to use: End-to-End testing. By default, if you have a SIM/credit card, you should be testing on stage.
  • Dev:
    • site:
    • app:
    • payment via: Zippy, which is our reference implementation. Payment part is mocked out and no charges will be applied.
    • when to use: Automated testing, quick regression testing for PIN flows
  • Prod:
    • site:
    • app: n/a
    • when to use: smoketesting after a push
  • Payments-alt:

Payment methods:

Currently, Marketplace supports carrier billing and credit card purchases of apps and in-app products. Availability of payment options varies based on region/pricetier/carrier.

Carrier billing:

Carrier billing is when users purchase app or in-app products and bill the charges to their monthly mobile bill. Availability of carrier billing is dependent on carrier/region/price point.

Things to note:

  • Carrier billing, when available is always the default payment method shown to users.
  • Carrier billing is the only payment method supported for micro-payments
  • Carrier billing may not be available for higher pricepoints (varies by region)
  • Carrier billing may fail for the following reasons
    • SIM out of charge
    • Carrier denied the charge (on suspicion of fraud)
    • Daily limit exceeded

Credit Card testing:

Users can make purchases (both direct and in-app) using Credit Card purchases. In regions where Carrier billing is available, carrier will always be the default method of payment. User can click on the link to pay with their Credit card on the 'Confirm Buy’ screen to switch to the credit card form. Note that availability of credit card purchasing is dependent on the price tier.

Things to note:

  • Credit card purchasing is not available for micro-payments.
  • The lowest price tier which supports Credit card purchases is $0.99
  • Credit cards are locked to the account they are used with and cannot be shared across multiple accounts. This is to avoid fraud.
  • This makes testing complicated. The general rule is to do all your credit card testing with one (primary) account.
  • If you need to get your credit card unlocked, you need to email Bango requesting the same with your phone number. A bango representative will call you. You will be required to give your credit card info to them after which it will be unlocked.
  • Credit card purchases can fail for many reasons including:
    • Credit card rejected
    • Locked to a different account
    • While testing, I have had my credit card blocked by my provider over suspicious charges. Be careful about your personal credit card!

Payment provider

Our payment providers are Bango and Boku. Note that Bango provides both carrier billing and credit card purchases whereas Boku is only carrier billing for now.

NOTE: Boku is not live as of 11/21.

Locked Cards

If you feel a card is locked incorrectly or would like to clear a lock. There is spreadsheet that lists the details. This spreadsheet is locked to certain Mozilla users only, please ask for access.

Price tier information

You can check the pricetier for a particular region/carrier combo here

Moztrap tests

NOTE: In-country testing will have region-specifix testruns created as needed.

Searching for paid apps

  1.  :free - Return all free apps
  2.  :free-inapp - Return all free apps with in-app purchases
  3.  :premium OR :paid - Return all paid apps
  4.  :premium-inapp OR :paid-inapp - Return all paid apps with in-app purchases
  5.  :premium-other OR :paid-other - Return all paid apps using an other payment system (i.e., not via the Marketplace)