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Sprint Duration

W31.3 (Aug. 02) ~ W33.2 (Aug. 15), 2 weeks in total.

Sprint Goal

  • Wrap up Photon Mobile remaining development so start the test earlier than the Mid-nightly cycle.
  • Follow-up Leanplum on Android development Phase#1 (basic campaigns), and planning the Phase#2 (push notification)

Sprint Outcome

  • 75% MVP (Must have) completion = 6/8 bugs completed.
  • 0 Backlog (Would have) completed.
  • 5 Interruption (Unplanned) completed.


Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution Assigned to Depends on Blocks Whiteboard
1366661 (photon) Light Weight Theme with new awesome bar UI VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1389164 1355774, 1379650 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1366668 (photon) Awesome bar visual refresh for tablet VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1389051, 1378625 1355774, 1379650 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1366671 (photon) Update UI/Content for Empty screens and content for Android VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1382980 1355774, 1379656, 1390420 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1366680 (photon) Tab tray UI refresh and consistency VERIFIED FIXED Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla) 1355774, 1379655 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1375351 (photon) - Clean up workaround code and resources RESOLVED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1355774, 1391551 [FNC][SPT57.1][INT]
1376995 (photon) Update status bar color while switching between normal mode and private mode VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1355774, 1379658 [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1384480 Move MMA event call to UI code and remove from model classes RESOLVED FIXED Nevin Chen(Not active on Bugzilla) [FNC][SPT57.1][INT]
1386172 Please help setup Kinto Production for Leanplum VERIFIED FIXED [FNC][SPT57.1][MVP]
1386975 (photon) Enable Photon by default VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1388417, 1388490 1355774 [FNC][SPT57.1][INT]
1387349 (photon) follow up with icons update VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1366669 1355774, 1379658 [FNC][SPT57.1][INT]
1388554 "Recently Closed" History panel icon is cropped VERIFIED FIXED Jing-wei Wu [:jwu] 1355774 [FNC][SPT57.1][INT]

11 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (18.18%); 9 Verified (81.82%);