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Organization: Bay Area Kids
BayKids empowers children facing medical challenges to express themselves and find joy through the art of filmmaking.

  • Format/Topics:

1. Create search index/system for BayKids movies

  • Overview
    • BayKids movies are posted on the BayKids YouTube channel and the BayKids website.
    • We currently have 180 movies in our archives that have consent to be shown in a public, online venue.
    • We do not yet have an effective search index/system for organizing our movie archives online.
    • Our summer interns have designed an Excel document that includes information about each film, including movie title, patient name, editor name, age, genre, illness, movie description, hospital, movie rating, and parent consent confirmation.
  • Goal
    • We would like to design a search index/system to help kids and families effectively navigate our movie archives.
    • We need help identifying new tags for the individual movies.
  • Links & References

2. Create search index/system for music

  • Overview
    • BayKids is going to roll-out a request for original music from local musicians and needs help figuring out the best way to organize and catalogue music and sounds for our video editors.
    • We have setup an email account for musicians to email us their tracks to us:
    • We have setup an video editors blog that can link to our music archives.
    • We have not yet identified the best place to store the music archives, but we believe our website is a strong option.
  • Goal
    • We would like to design a search index/system that will enable us to search our original music archives by genre, tone, mood, and other relevant key phrases.

3. Video Editing projects- edit BayKids movies and related projects

  • Overview
    • We always have movies in need of video editors.
    • We work in Final Cut Pro, StudioPro, and AfterEffects CS3
  • Goal
    • We would like to improve the quality of our productions and submit our movies to local and national film festivals.

Next steps:

1.  Sadie and Marcia to connect about kicking off a photography workshop.

2.  Editing:

  • Meet in person first.  Most of its done in final cut.  Editors usually work on their own.
  • Rainer should follow up with Sadie

3.  Creating a search database.  Could have people come on the 16th.