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[[File:Ciao]] Comment faire pour envoyer automatiquement un mail en fonction de la date et l'heure au choix depuis thunderbird ? Par exemple , aujourd'hui, il est 17h00 le 26 décembre 2010, je prepare un mail et je voudrais que mon mail doit envoyer automatiquement à 20h00 au meme jour, à partir de thinderbird.

Merci d'avance pour votre réponse

Translate into English :

How can I automatically send an email dependant on the date and time of choice, from thunderbird ?

For example, today it's 1700 CET on the 26th December 2010; I wrote an email and I would like it to be sent automatically from Thunderbird at 2000 CET that evening.

Thank you in advance for your answer

( PS : I'm French and I hope that you understand my English. Because my English ain't that great!...)

installing eudora OSE and importing all eudora 7.1 eial and setups

Hello, I have been and Eudora user since 1991, when I actually bought eurora 1.0 in an US store. Since then I have never stopped using it. I am now trying to install eudora OSE, but I am having problems in retrieving all my email and settings, probably due sto some confusion or previous errors. I have two different folder for eudora settings and eudora data. When I install and import data, eudora duplicates all my email, and I am not sure I get all of them. Duplicate folders and everything. Can anyone slowly guide me through the installation process? Thanks Max

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Using placeholder in my HTML5 website

Hi, i'm having some issue with firefox bugging when I try to use a Placeholder HTML5 attribute in a form. Is there a fix for that? I was waiting for new versions of Mozilla Firefox, but nothing fixes that since version 4.0 Any help would be appreciated.

John Pearson CEO at

Retrieving Old Email Addresses Eudora 7.1 to Eudora OSE


I recently upgraded from Win XP to Win 7 and found that Eudora 7.1 wasn't quite compatible with the new Operating System. So, I installed Eudora OSE. I was able to run the Import operation and retrieved all the filters and emails from Eudora 7.1 into Eudora OSE. However, while Eudora OSE did get my old email address book, it did not retrieve all the email addresses saved within Eudora 7.1 somehow. It said it would save email addresses, and did that, but it didn't put them in the address book. I would like to find out where Eudora 7.1 saved those email addresses and names and how to import them into Eudora OSE from Eudora 7.1. Thanks!