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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

Please see Networking/Archive/IndividualPriorities for individual team member priorities.

Team Priorities

At a high level, our team's top priorities right now are 1) improving Necko/Gecko performance and 2) supporting FirefoxOS.

This list is meant to keep track of work we'd like to get done as a team, in prioritized order.

  1. Continue to develop Stone Ridge's performance testing capabilities.
  2. Design and implement new HTTP disk cache.
  3. 658222: TLS False Start for SPDY
  4. Resolve NSS race conditions leading to instability and security issues.
  5. 436414: OCSP client should be able to use HTTP GET as well as POST, results should be cached
  6. 791750: Make it possible to deliver stream data off the main thread
  7. SPDY/HTTP2 work, e.g. reimplement spdy upstream compression (785279) and experiment with SPDY server push (790388)
  8. 700698: Enable OCSP stapling by default
  9. 746073, 746074: Meter network usage per "web app", enforce policies
  10. 421128: Independent windows/tabs should not starve each other for network connections
  11. 733647: Ship TLS 1.1 (RFC 4346) in Firefox, on by default
  12. 773648: integrate libunbound for our own DNS host resolver
  13. 651246: Make libpkix-based certificate path building/validation the default in PSM
  14. 822480: Add in the Resource Timing API
  15. 660749: (CVE-2011-0082) Firefox doesn't (re)validate certificates when loading a HTTPS page from the cache
  16. 793808: Add support for resized image proxy (reduce mobile bandwidth usage).
  17. 504553: WebSocket in Workers
  18. 580104: Keep hostname cache for more aggressive DNS prefetching
  19. Investigate networking IPC performance.
  20. 783205: In-browser networking dashboard
  21. Add support for compressed HTML proxy (reduce mobile bandwidth usage).
  22. 562917: Captive portal detection
  23. 665707: Ability to attach arbitrary data to cache entries, such as decompressed image data for images.
  24. 480514: Implement TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246)
  25. Work on a fundamentally better protocol, perhaps UDP-based.
  26. Start work on Necko for Servo, written in Rust