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Session Title: Connected Devices Planning Session #1

Leadership Framework Component: Developing Specialization, Empowering Teams & People, Building for Action & Impact

Session Description (this will appear on the sched app, so please edit to reflect clarity):

Connected Devices Planning Session #1

Session Objectives:

  • Background and strategy of Mozilla's new 'Connected Devices' team heading into 2016.

Learning Objectives"

  • The vision, goals, structure and innovation process for Connected Devices.

Agenda (draft is fine!):

  • Background, Vision, Goals (John Bernard, 30 mins)
  • insights from an engineering perspective (Dietrich Ayala, 30 mins)
  • Group discussion "What does Connected Devices mean to me in my region? How do I think Mozilla should be involved?"

Facilitators: (use Mozillian links if possible, otherwise next best profile link):

  • John Bernard [1]
  • Dietrich Ayala [2]

Session documents & Relevant Links: